Submissions (Names and Armory)

I Want To Register a Name/Device/Badge

Submitting a Name/Device/Badge

           Getting Advice on Heraldry (How to Help the College of Heralds Help You) A

           The Consultation Table A

           Information for Researching/Documenting a Name

           Information for Researching/Documenting Armory (Device/Badge)

Where Are the Forms?

I've Submitted My (Name, Device, Badge), Now What?

           How to Track Your Submission Through the Process of Registration

           Where Did It Go? (Using Oscar)

My Submission Was Returned, What Now?

Laurel 'Letters of Acceptance and Return' (LoAR) Archive

"Commonly Known" Heraldic Blazon/Emblazon Knowledge

SENA (The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory) -- The Rules for Submissions (Approved: April 29, 2012) A

SENA Appendix H Change, April 2013 A

Heraldic 'Education' Articles, Laurel Sovereign of Arms Site

Once My Arms (or Badge) Are Registered, What Do I Do With It? A
     (This is a currently incomplete article on armorial display)

The Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry as Used in the SCA
A useful resource to show many charges and such that are used in SCA heraldry,
including some items that are not allowed. In book form, this used to be called "The PicDic".

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