West Kingdom
College of Heralds

I Have Sent My Submission To The Heralds,
How Long Will It Take Before It's Registered?

Now that you've submitted your items to the West Kingdom's College of Heralds, what can you expect, how long does it take, and what do you do if something is returned by the College?

What You Can Expect

At the quickest, it will take approximately 6 months for the processing of your submission to go through the College of Heralds and through the SCA's College of Arms. However it can take 7 months or more. Why so long? It goes like this:

NOTE: -- If your submission appears in the Herald's Minutes on this website as having been passed, please be sure that the place you see it listed under is the section noted as "EXCERPTS FROM THE LOAR" -- this is the Letter of Acceptances and Returns from the Laurel Sovereign of Arms. If the section you are looking at says "MINUTES-"(followed by a date), and on the next line it says "ACCEPTANCES", this is from the West Kingdom Herald's Meeting, and all that it means is that the Kingdom Herald's Office has decided to pass this on to the Laurel Sovereign of Arms for final consideration and processing. Another way to tell which part you are looking at -- the West Kingdom Herald's Minutes section tends to have a lot more detail about the submission, and if armory is included, a copy of the picture. If it was accepted by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms (and therefore is now official) -- in the Minutes you will see this listed as noted under the "EXCERPTS FROM THE LOAR", but even more importantly, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance from the West Kingdom College of Heralds, which tells you when it was registered, etc.

If You Do Not Hear From The Heralds Exactly 6 Months After Submitting ...

Don't Panic. It sometimes takes longer than 6 months. If, however, you do not hear after 8 months or more, then check with the heralds (specifically contact the Matins Herald, check the Contact Information page for current contact information). Sometimes something happens ... letters get lost by the Postal Service (not often, but it does happen), someone put it in a stack of "to do" items and forgot about it (human nature), etc.

If You Get a Letter of Acceptance

You don't have to do anything, except start using your new name or device or badge. It's now yours and is protected throughout the SCA -- meaning that no one can have exactly the same thing registered in the SCA (There is nothing to prevent someone from displaying the same item(s) in the SCA - although it's bad form to do so. On the other hand, nobody else will be able to have your registered armory on a Kingdom-issued award scroll. ) .

If You Receive a Letter of Return (LoR)

There are several reasons why something can be returned:

The Laurel "Letters of Acceptance and Returns" Archive
Note that the Laurel Sovereign of Arms has started keeping an archive of LoARs available online. The website for this is:

Laurel 'Letters of Acceptance and Return' (LoAR) Archive

This is aimed at heralds, but can be useful for those who want to see all the nitty-gritty details ...

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