Book Heraldry

Articles from the Herald's Handbook on Book Heraldry:


Documenting Your Name A
How to do Name Consultation A
An Annotated Bibliography on Names A


Information on the Submissions Process
Heraldi-Scratch Paper A
     (Useful for consulting with heraldic clients ...)
The forms (be sure to read instructions on this web page carefully):
The Submission Forms and Instructions for Submission
Philisophical Roots of Heraldic Design A
Books on Armory A
Insta-Bounce Checklist A
Reserved and Prohibited Charges A
Counting Complexity in Devices A

Articles On This Heralds' Website (and some other sites):


Frequently Asked Questions of the College of Heralds

Heraldic Consultation Table Schedule


Information on Name Research


Information on Armory Research

"Commonly Known" Heraldic Blazon/Emblazon Knowledge

The Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry as Used in the SCA
A useful resource to show many charges and such that are used in SCA heraldry,
including some items that are not allowed. In book form, this used to be called "The PicDic".


(This whole section of the website deals with Submitting Names and Armory ...)

SENA (The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory) -- The Rules for Submissions (Approved: April 29, 2012) A

SENA Appendix H Change, April 2013 A

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There is a Consulting mailing list set up on Yahoo: wkheralds_consults. You will need to subscribe to this group to use it, either to post questions, respond to questions, or just lurk and read messages about consultations. To subscribe, send an email to:

The Other Resources page of this website, which includes links to places to search the Ordinary and Armorial online, and more.

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