West Kingdom
College of Heralds

Heraldic Consultation Table Schedule

The West Kingdom Heraldic Consultation Table will be available to provide advice at all West Kingdom Crown Tourneys, and at all Mists and Cynagua Coronet Tourneys.

This schedule makes it possible for Green Banner Herald to ensure that the consultation table is present at the events where we usually get the most clients. As Green Banner's modern obligations permit, the consultation table MAY be present at other Kingdom or Principality events.

A group may be able to make arrangements with Vesper to have the consultation table present at a non-tourney event if several members will be attending who would otherwise be unable to consult. In this case, please contact Green Banner first, to find out if she's already made arrangements to have the consultation table at that event. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the arrangement can be made - only that we will try to honor such requests.

Also note that device consultation, as well as name consultation, may be done electronically. If you can't get to the consultation table or your local herald, mail or e-mail your questions to the Green Banner Herald. (See the Contact page of this site for details.)

West Kingdom Heralds Electronic Consultation

This is being done on Facebook at this time, using the West Kingdom Heralds' Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/302970543102065/

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