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Name Research

Information on name research can be found in quite a few places, including some in the West Kingdom Herald's Handbook. Please note that just because someone has posted it on the web does not mean it is necessarily a good resource, you should always verify your information with a herald. Specific articles are:

Documenting Your Name and
Books and Articles on Names and Naming Practices

NOTE: Wikipedia, while an interesting place to start research, is not considered a valid research source by the College of Arms. Please do NOT print documentation from Wikipedia and mail with your documentation.

Other places you can find information are:

Choosing a Society Name: Hints for Newcomers
Academy of St. Gabriel
(Non-SCA site for consultations on historically accurate pre-1600 names)

From the Laurel Sovereign of Arms' website: Laurel "Education" Website
      Name Articles on the Laurel College of Arms Website.
     There is a lot in this website, including many articles that are based on regional interest (for example, Arabic names).

SENA - Appendix A -- Appendix A: Patterns That Do Not Need Further Documentation by Language Group
As it says, this is Naming Patterns, documentation for use of one of these is simply a reference to this appendix ...

SENA -- Submissions Checklist
This is easier to read than SENA (the "Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory") currently in effect in the College of Arms. This can be a useful place to go to check if your submission (name or armory) meets the requirements of the rules, without reading the rules themselves (which can be a bit arcane).

OSCAR -- Online System for Commentary And Response
This site allows even a visitor to see some of the commentary for submissions at the College of Arms level, including documentation for names, armory, etc. To see everything you might need to register an account, but visitors can see at least some of it.

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