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With the Yahoo Groups removed from service, this is the place for announcements, if you are not using the Facebook Heralds' group (see the Contact a Kingdom or Principality Herald page).

May 19, 2022

Please welcome Antonio Giordano da Sicilia as the new Vesper Principal Herald. Note that the Senior staff is being reorganized a little, so if you visit the Contact page (above), you will see a few jobs have been filled that have been vacant for a while, and more.

Many thanks to Alizan De la Fontaine for her time as Vesper, keeping us going through the pandemic and more.

And congratulations to the newest Heralds Extraordinary in the Kingdom (offerred and accepted):

  1. Domamir Vlatko syn
  2. Eilis O'Boirne
  3. Edith of Swansvale (needs to be announced in an official court)

May 16, 2021

Please visit the "Job Openings" page if you are interested in working at the Senior Herald level of the Kingdom. (Job Openings) There are several senior heralds looking for trainees to their positions, and there are some positions currently empty that it would nice to fill in.

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