Heraldic Collegium

Fall Heralds Collegium -- November 15

The West Kingdom College of Heralds presents our semi-annual Heralds Collegium This is effectively a meeting and educational seminar; please dress in mundane clothing and not SCA garb. It all begins with a welcome to Heralds and those interested in Heraldry: coffee and muffins/croissants. Feel free to throw-in for your fair share of the cost. For lunch, we will order pizza to be delivered and those who wish to take part may throw-in for their share; all others are asked to bring lunch as there are few options for “fast food” and the lunch break must be limited to a one hour period. Classes will be feature a number of out of kingdom heralds as well as senior kingdom heralds.

Site Information: The Clubhouse at 1888 Holland Drive, 94597 Walnut Creek, CA

Site opens at 8:30 a.m. and Closes at 5:30 pm

Site Fee: None

Autocrat: Jehane of Yarewe (Cynthia Cravens) yarewe_sf@yahoo.com.

Directions: From Hwy 680 in Walnut Creek, take the Treat Blvd./Geary Rd exit and go west on Geary for 1.3 miles. Turn left at Camino Verde, go 0.4 miles and turn right at Cayucos Dr./Holland Dr. At the yield sign, turn left and continue on Holland Dr., the clubhouse will be on the right.

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