Job Description -- The Greencloak Herald

The Purpose

The Purpose of the Greencloak Herald is twofold: To provide heraldic support for the Kingdom Minister of the Lists and Marshals in the running of Kingdom-Level tournaments (field or tournament heralds), and to provide heraldic support to the Autocrats of Kingdom-Level events in the announcement of information (duty heralds/ town criers). While the above is the primary set of responsibilities, Greencloak Herald acts as a consultant at all other levels of tourneys and events, assuring that all types of events in the Kingdom are supported and trained at a consistent level.


At Crown Tournaments, do the following:

At ALL Kingdom-Level events, do the following:


The Greencloak Herald is responsible for all Field and Duty Heraldry in the Kingdom, whether or not it is at a Kingdom event. At Principality events, work with the Principality Herald to ensure their needs are being met, both in service and in training. If they or their subordinates need the latter, work with them to build a training program. (This can be done in coordination with the Kingdom's needs, at Kingdom Collegia or at impromptu sessions at events.) If at a local event, work with the local heralds or with the autocrat if there isn't a local herald to ensure that field and duty heraldry are being performed in such a way as to provide a consistently high standard of service throughout the Kingdom.

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