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Articles (some from the Herald's Handbook) on Book Heraldry:


From the Heralds' Handbook:
Documenting Your Name
How to do Name Consultation
An Annotated Bibliography on Names

From Other Sites:
SCA College of Arms Articles on Names (LAUREL COA SITE)


On This Site:
Information on the Submissions Process
Heraldi-Scratch Paper A
     (Useful for consulting with heraldic clients ...)
The forms (be sure to read instructions on this web page carefully):
The Submission Forms and Instructions for Submission

From the Heralds' Handbook:
Philisophical Roots of Heraldic Design
Books on Armory
Heraldry for Scribes (A very good tutorial on heraldry)

From Other Sites:
Articles on Armory (LAUREL COA SITE)

Articles On This Heralds' Website (and some other sites):


Frequently Asked Questions of the College of Heralds

Heraldic Consultation Table Schedule


Information on Name Research


Information on Armory Research

Heraldic Design Core Style - Why Group Theory Makes Better Armory (or how to register what you want and comply with SENA!),
(a class taught at Collegium Occidentalis, November 18, 2017, by Krysta of Starfall)

"Commonly Known" Heraldic Blazon/Emblazon Knowledge

The Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry as Used in the SCA
A useful resource to show many charges and such that are used in SCA heraldry,
including some items that are not allowed. In book form, this used to be called "The PicDic".


The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory (SENA): The Rules for Submission (LAUREL COA SITE)

Examples of Individually Attested Pattern Registrations (IAPs) (ANOTHER SITE)
An "IAP" is documentation that may allow you to register some armory that breaks the current 'rules for submission' -- see SENA above -- based on actual period usage. This is tricky, and this site shows some examples of how it was done to allow registration ...

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