Heraldic Templates

January 25, 2014: These have been removed and should not be used. Please pretend they never existed. Attempts are being made to find all links on the West Kingdom website and remove them.

One might wonder why this was done ... the reason is simple: Too many complaints (missing items despite a HUGE disclaimer stating that it was a work in progress; "something wrong with x ...", etc.). This was an over-ambitious project that never really did what it was meant to. I am not a graphic artist myself, and cannot do the artwork necessary. The artists who did work on it periodically had lots of life and not enough time for my volunteer project, and moved on. I'm done with this -- it was too big a project to ever be completed properly. I have over the years constantly received complaints that said "I need to find 'x' image on your site and the link is broken ...", and other issues, and frankly it just wasn't worth dealing with a) people who can't read disclaimers (or won't); and b) people expecting it to be perfect, following the CONSTANTLY changing interpretations of how heraldic submissions are processed in the SCA. It has been removed (except for this page) from the West Kingdom Heralds' website completely.

-- Hirsch, Golem Herald, Kingdom of the West.

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