Court Heraldry

Important Links for The Court Herald:

Court Reporting Procedure
          (This page describes the procedure for reporting awards and honors presented in court in detail.)
Court Herald Award List Form A
          (This form is an official form -- it should be used after Court is over to get the official list of court business and awards to the Golem Herald as soon as possible after court is complete.)
Court Report Web Page
          (This is the official web page for reporting awards and honors presented in court.)
          Court Reporting Procedures
          How To Fill Out/Use the Court Report
Court Organization Form A
(This form is not an official, required form -- it may be used to help the Court Herald organize their court. It is not required that you use this, it is simply suggested that you do so, or use something like it. Copies of this form are available on multi-part paper from the Vesper Principal Herald (one copy for the Court Herald, one for the Royalty). While this may be used for organizing court, it is not a subsitute for the Court Herald Award List Form below, which is used to report court business to the Golem Herald.)
Reaffirmation Of Awards, and Why It Is Necessary
West Kingdom Ceremony Book
Class Handout - "On Being a Court Herald"

Articles From the Herald's Handbook on Court Heraldry:

Philosphy of Court Heraldry A
How to Organize a Court A
How to Start and End Court A
How to Write a Ceremony A
Sample Ceremonies for Small Tournies A

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