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Online Conference Meeting Instructions

Online Meeting Software Starting Instructions
In the central part of the West Kingdom, the College of Heralds holds meetings every other month to discuss College business, and to research the most recent name and armory submissions. We realize some people cannot manage to attend due to distance factors. In order to make it possible to attend, we have set up online conferencing software (with a LOT of help from the Kingdom Web Team) for those that cannot attend in person.

The College of Heralds started using in May 2020, the Google G Suite set up for the Kingdom by our wonderful Kingdom IT team. It works on a browser, and does not need any add-ins. You should sign up for the meeting as described on the "Meetings" page, using this form: Online Meeting Signup. You should receive an email notification with a link to the meeting. Note that you do NOT have to have a westkingdom.org email address to use this software.

Note: when you first login to the meeting, just to keep noise-levels down, please mute your microphone (bottom of the screen there should be a "microphone" icon, click it ...). There is a chat option in the upper right, click that and a pane will open, if you need to ask questions, etc.

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