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College of Heralds


This page of the heralds' website is aimed at providing late-breaking news and information, both for heralds and non-heralds alike, items of interest in the SCA's College of Arms, the West Kingdom College of Heralds, etc.

September, 2023 -- in order to comply with "security certificates" and making this a "secure" website, each of the static web pages has been "touched" to ensure everything is updated properly. As you might imagine, this is a lot of work. However, once done, the website will use "https://" to show it is a secure site, instead of the older "http://". This includes the award list and roster databases, although the amount of changes there is smaller as they are designed differently. Along the way, the HTML code for the static pages have been updated to better formatting, and are closer to standard HTML 5 across the board.

October, 2022 -- The site has gone through a bunch of internal mechanical changes, the awards list was updated to data-driven and is working, but I just added a bunch of tags used for both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and display on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ... and ensuring each of the static web pages are set to use UTF-8 formatting to be able to display special characters properly. Oof. -- Golem Herald

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