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What Can the Heralds Do For Me?

What can the heralds do for you? It depends on what your needs are.

If You Are An Event Steward (formerly called an Autocrat)

As an event steward, you have a lot to deal with. Letting the heralds do the job of announcing things (when contests are occurring, asking people to move their cars, etc.) can take some of the burden off your shoulders. It's the job of the heralds to do that, after all, and you can do the other things you have to do.

If You Want To Register a Name/Arms/Badge

We have a whole part of this website aimed at this information -- because this is one of the things the heralds do, and it's something we LIKE to do. You may want to check this out: I Want to Register a Name/Device (Arms)/Badge -- What Do I Do?

If You Want To Find Someone's Arms

We can help you look up a registered coat of arms (device) or badge. In addition, there are places on the web that will help you do this as well. You may want to visit the Other Heraldic Links of Interest part of this site.

If You Want To Have Something Announced At An Event

You can either have something announced as part of the "Duty" or "Town Crier" shouts that go around an event periodically (a herald or several heralds making announcements); or in some cases you may wish an announcement made at court. In the case of "Duty" shouts -- announcements made during the day, see the Green Trumpet Herald at Kingdom events, or the herald-in-charge at other events.

In the case of an announcement in court, see the Green Crown Herald at Kingdom events, or the herald-in-charge at other events. However, before going too far with this, please consider if the announcement is appropriate to court. If the announcement has to do with SCA business, then perhaps it belongs in court, but even a lot of SCA business doesn't really belong there. If the announcement has to do with personal "stuff", chances are good it doesn't belong in court at all.

If You Want to Make a Presentation To the Crown or Coronet or ...

As with announcements, you should consider if the presentation belongs in court in the first place. If the presentation is a personal gift, it really should be done while the royalty are "sitting in state" or in a less formal situation than court. If the presentation is for a branch, a guild, etc., then it is much more germain for court business. Please see the person announced during the event as the herald running the court in question. At Kingdom events, if you cannot find that person, try to find the Banner Herald or find the herald's point (usually a pavilion or sunshade on the eric) ...

A Philosophical Look at Why Heralds are Important

Some years ago this article was written, and it still fits ... it is worth reading as a populace member, whether or not you are a herald:

A Non-Heralds View of Heralds, written by Sir Theodric ap Breken Beaken.

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