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Main Herald's Website

      Heraldic Topics for the General Populace
          What Is a Herald?
          I Need to Contact a Herald
          Heraldic Consultation Table Schedule
          What Can The Heralds Do For Me?
          Frequently Asked Questions of the College of Heralds
          Information About the West Kingdom (and Principality) Populace Use Badge(s)
          West Kingdom Roll of Arms

      Information for Heralds

          Important Information
               Need to Contact A Kingdom or Principality Herald?
               West Kingdom College of Heralds Mailing Lists
               When and/or Where Are the Next Meetings?
               The West Kingdom Herald's Handbook
               Monthly West Kingdom Heralds' Meeting Minutes
               Heraldic Collegium Information
               Pursuivant Extraordinaire Test
               Heraldic 'Education' Articles, Laurel Sovereign of Arms Site
               How Do I Get On The Roster?

           Book Heraldry
               Articles from the Herald's Handbook on Book Heraldry:
               Documenting Your Name A
               How to do Name Consultation A
               An Annotated Bibliography on Names A

               How to Submit A
               What Happens to Submissions A
               Heraldi-Scratch Paper A
               The Consultation Table A
               Efficient Conflict Research A
               Resources Available To Heralds A
               How to Be an Heraldic Consultant A
               A Guide to the Submissions Process A
               Philisophical Roots of Heraldic Design A
               Books on Armory A
               Insta-Bounce Checklist A
               Reserved and Prohibited Charges A
               Counting Complexity in Devices A

           Voice Heraldry (Field/Duty)
                Sign-Up Sheet for Herald in Charge At an Event A
                Litany Sheets for Crown and Coronet Lists.
                     Litany Sheets for Crown Lists A
                     Litany Sheets for Mists Coronet Lists A
                     Litany Sheets for Cynaguan Coronet Lists A
                     Litany Sheets for Oerthan Coronet Lists A
                Articles from the Herald's Handbook on Field Heraldry:
                    Being Herald in Charge at an Event A
                    Setting Up a Duty Roster A
                    Oyez, Oyez! A
                    Who Can Ask for Announcements? A
                    What to Say A
                    How to Run a Lists A
                    Morning Announcements A

           Court Heraldry
              Important Links for The Court Herald:
                   Court Reporting Procedure
                   Court Herald Award List Form A
                   Court Report Web Page
                         How To Fill Out/Use the Court Report
                   Court Organization Form A
                   Reaffirmation Of Awards, and Why It Is Necessary
                   West Kingdom Ceremony Book
                   Class Handout - "On Being a Court Herald"

              Articles From the Herald's Handbook on Court Heraldry:
                   Philosphy of Court Heraldry A
                   How to Organize a Court A
                   How to Start and End Court A
                   How to Write a Ceremony A
                   Sample Ceremonies for Small Tournies A

              Senior Staff Job Descriptions
              Job Opportunities

Submissions (Names/Armory)
          I Want To Register a Name/Device/Badge
          Submitting a Name/Device/Badge
          Where Are the Forms?
          I've Submitted My (Name, Device, Badge), Now What?
          My Submission Was Returned, What Now?
          Laurel 'Letters of Acceptance and Return' (LoAR) Archive
          "Commonly Known" Heraldic Blazon/Emblazon Knowledge
          Heraldic 'Education' Articles, Laurel Sovereign of Arms Site

Awards List and OP

Awards and Honors
          West Kingdom Awards List
          Recommend Someone for an Award
          Correction to Award List Entries Form
          New Royalty -- How the Awards Process Works
          Reaffirmation Of Awards, and Why It Is Necessary
               Award Reaffirmation Request Form
               (This form allows you to request an award be reaffirmed ...)
          Award Token Request
               (A web form to send email to the appropriate royalty and regalia
               minister to obtain an award token if have not already received one.)

          Missing Award or Token Form A
          What Do I Call the Guy With the Hat? A
          Awards and Honors in the West Kingdom A
          Sumptuary Customs in the West A
          Alternate Titles List

(Misc.) Articles by Topic
          Kingdom Arms, Populace Badge, and more
          I Want to Be a Herald, or Am a Herald, What Resources Are There?
          Heraldic Ranks and Titles As Used in the West Kingdom
          "Commonly Known" Heraldic Blazon/Emblazon Knowledge
          Class Handouts from Heraldic Classes
          Other Resources
          Heraldic Quotes

Main Herald's Page

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