Job Description -- The Vesper Principal Herald

The Purpose

The Vesper Principal Herald is the primary herald of the Kingdom, and is answerable to the Crown of the West and the Laurel Sovereign of Arms. As such, Vesper is the final authority on matters involving the Heraldic Office, including decisions made at heraldry meetings on submissions processing, and matters involving all of the other offices.


Note that Vesper can designate deputies to handle many of the duties noted.


Herald's Meetings

Herald's meetings are usually held bi-monthly, depending on a variety of factors, including pending work-load, and event schedules. Vesper should attend these meetings so that he/she can:

West Kingdom Events

Vesper should attempt to attend West Kingdom events, particularly Coronations and Crown Tournaments.

At these events:

Coronation Events

Vesper should attend these specifically, as he/she must present the Kingdom Seal, and swear/affirm fealty for the office to the new King and Queen.

West Kingdom Officer Meetings

Vesper should plan on attending these meetings, and prepare a report in advance. If Vesper cannot attend, a proxy (another senior herald, usually) should be sent to the meeting in Vesper's place, with said report. The report should detail anything that is felt important that the Crown, the Crown Prince and Princess, and the other officers of the Kingdom should know.


Vesper is responsible for all award scrolls being created by the West Kingdom Company of Scriveners and Limners being correctly blazoned, emblazoned, and ensuring that the names are correct. Vesper should ensure before scrolls are sealed that this is the case, and if a problem occurs, should refuse to sign the scrolls. This may seem harsh, but these scrolls are "legal documents", and need to be correct. Vesper needs to sign scrolls to show that the herald's office has affirmed that the name, blazon and emblazon are all correct. Some scrolls do not show the blazon or emblazon, and therefore do not need the signature of the Vesper Principal Herald, nor the seal of the College of Heralds, however Vesper is still responsible for ensuring the name is correct, and that the West Kingdom seal is used correctly.


Vesper is responsible for communication with the heralds and with the populace. The big problem is that it is very easy to assume that since a lot folk have email and web access, that everyone in the College of Heralds and/or the populace of the Kingdom does. This is not the case, and that assumption should never be made.

In the last few years, many (although not all) heralds in the Kingdom are using the Kingdom Facebook page. Details on this page can be found on the main "Contact" page of this site (Contact Page).

While communication via email and the web is a good thing™, and can and should be used, never assume that the people who need to know about something can access email or the web. The Page is the best place to ensure that policy decisions, and whatever else needs to be gotten to the populace is done. Work with the Kingdom Chronicler to be sure that the information is in The Page in time for it to be useful (check deadlines and such). In addition, it may be a good idea to make announcements in court. Most importantly, do not assume that any one venue is "enough", when it comes to communicating with the heralds and the populace. An announcement in court is only going to be heard by the people who were at court. An email message sent to the Herald's mailing list is only going to be read by those who have access to that list. Information put in the Herald's Minutes is only going to be seen by those who access the minutes on the web.


In one way of thinking, ALL heralds who work with the College of Heralds of the West Kingdom are deputies of the Vesper Principal Herald. However, realistically Vesper has a set group of deputies listed in this document to handle various aspects of running the office. In addition to those noted here, there is:


Vesper may also have the unfortunate job of having to remove an officer who is not doing those duties, or is doing them incorrectly. This is not a pleasant task, but Vesper must be prepared to do so, if necessary.

Some suggestions:

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