Job Description -- The Principality Heralds

The Purpose

Principality Heralds are the primary heralds for their Principalities, functioning as the senior administrative herald. The Principality Herald is responsible to ensure that the heraldic service required by the Prince and Princess, and by the groups which comprise the Principality, is provided. These services divide into the following categories:


Book Heraldry:
Due to the way the Western College of Heralds is set up, only Oertha may need to process submissions. All other submission processes are handled by the Matins Herald.

If in Oertha, meetings may be held by Stellanordica Herald to review heraldic submissions before sending to them to Matins. If so, here are some things to keep in mind:

Field and Duty:
At Coronet events (Coronet and Investiture, as well as any other official Principality events, such as Principality Games, etc.), the Principality Herald is responsible to ensure that enough trained heralds are available to deliver heraldic service to the Principality. Similar to Greencloak Herald, the Principality Herald (or his/her deputies):

At all events that the Prince and Princess attend, the Principality Herald is responsible for ensuring that They have court-trained heralds available for all courts They hold. The Prince and Princess may appoint Their own court herald(s), but the Principality Herald is still responsible for the courts (and for advising the Royalty as to who is a competent court herald). The Principality Herald is also responsible to ensure that all awards which are given are published in the Page (and/or Principality newsletter). This is done by ensuring that the herald who conducts the court fills out the court report form, has the Royalty sign it, and uses on-line report form (Court Report) to submit the awards list to Golem. Finally, the Principality Herald is responsible for ensuring that a training program for new heralds who wish to provide court service is available. (The latter can be held in conjunction with Kingdom Heraldic Training, (at Kingdom and Heralds' Collegia, for instance), but it is ultimately the Principality Herald's duty to make training available to all who wish it.)

Local Branches:
While having a herald is not required for groups below the Province/Barony level, starting heraldic training in a smaller group is a good idea. The Principality Herald should work with both the local seneschals and members of the group who want to become heralds to provide training and guidance. Remember that the herald is an officer of the group, and should work closely with the other officers, especially the seneschal, and with the Principality Herald.

Baronies and Provinces are required by SCA by-laws to have heralds, and the Principality Herald is to work with the seneschal, Baron/Baroness if they exist, and with the current herald to ensure that all required heraldic service is delivered. This includes courts for the Baron/ess if they exist.

Other Duties:
Scrolls: The Principality Herald is responsible for confirming that the name and arms depicted on each scroll issued by the Prince and Princess is correct: registered name, blazon, and emblazon. To that end, each scroll must be compared to the SCA's Armorial so as to confirm that the three elements above are correctly translated on the scrolls before the Principality Herald signs/seals the scroll. Regardless of the time and effort put into the production of the scroll, it is a legal document within the SCA and must not be signed if it is not correct.

Reporting: Principality Heralds are to prepare quarterly reports for inclusion by Vesper in his/her reports to Laurel Sovereign of Arms and the King and Queen of the West. (This may not be necessary if the Principality Herald provides a report after major events, on prior approval by Vesper.) Due to the requirement that Vesper report to Laurel on a schedule based on Laurel's quarterly reports to the SCA Board of Directors, Vesper is required to report by the end of February, May, August, and November. Principality Heralds should have their reports to Vesper at the beginning of each of these months.

The Principality Herald should recommend, to the Prince and Princess, and to Vesper, which heralds active in their Principality (whether resident or not) deserve recognition for their efforts.

Chain of Command:
Principality Heralds are responsible to the Coronets and to the Vesper Principal Herald, and are responsible for the heralds within their Principalities. Replacement of the Principality Herald should be a joint effort between the Prince/Princess, Vesper Herald, and the current Principality Herald.


At Events:
The duties of the Principality Herald at Principality events is very much like those of Greencloak and Banner Heralds, with a little of Vesper thrown in. The necessary tasks at those events (which include specifically Coronets and Investitures, but may also include any event where the Prince and Princess hold courts) are as follows:

After Coronet Events (and other significant events in the Principality):
It is not a requirement, but might be a good idea to prepare a report for Vesper on how the event ran, detailing any problems (and their resolutions, if any), triumphs, and significant actions. It would also be good to note heralds who might be deserving of recognition for their hard work.

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