Job Description -- The Golem Herald

The Purpose

The Golem Herald is responsible for the publication-oriented tasks of the College of Heralds, which include:


The West Kingdom Herald's Website
This is an official place for the Heralds to present policy, and assistance to both heralds and non-heralds alike in matters involving the College of Heralds. The West Kingdom Herald's Minutes are placed online, and once received from the Matins Herald, should be placed online as soon as possible. All attempts should be made to keep information on the site timely, and of use to people.

The West Kingdom Awards List (Often called the Order of Precedence)
This is stored in a local database, using a software package written by Hirsch von Henford. There are several aspects to this software, including the ability to generate the (static) webpages used on the Herald's Website for the Awards list, allowing people to view their awards, and to send information to Golem regarding errors, etc. Work is slowly in progress to update this to a completely online award list/database, but this takes time.

The basic process is:

The West Kingdom Ceremony Book
This should be updated as needed, when new ceremonies are created for new awards, when ceremonies are modified (this should be done with the permission of the Crown or the Coronets, not just because the Golem Herald thinks that they ought to be modified for some reason), and modifications should be printed to .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file format, and uploaded to the Herald's Website. Appropriate folk should be notified of any changes so that they can print these out.

The Pillars of the West, Bards of Oertha and other ceremonies should be updated as soon as these awards/recognitions are granted (several ceremonies include lists of recipients).

Note that the Golem Herald is not specifically in charge of writing ceremonies – that falls under the purview of the Banner Herald for Kingdom Ceremonies, and the Principality Heralds for their respective Ceremonies.

The West Kingdom Herald's Handbook
Similar to the Ceremony Book, this should be modified when needed, but the Vesper Principal Herald should be consulted for any changes ... As with the Ceremony Book, PDF versions of any articles added or modified should be placed on the Herald's Website, and the heralds should be notified of these changes.

The Golem Herald is not responsible for updating the content of the Handbook directly – that falls under the purview of the Senior Heraldic Staff of the College of Heralds in general, and the Baldric Pursuivant in specific. All changes should (as noted above) be approved by Vesper.

Golem Herald Procedures -- this page describes in much more detail the exact steps of how Golem handles the various tasks described above.

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