West Kingdom Policy on OSCAR Commentary

Anyone who wishes to engage in commentary on OSCAR must create their own account on OSCAR. If the person already has been trained as a commenter, Vesper may give them access to Laurel commentary immediately.

If the person is new or only partially trained, Vesper will verify that this person actually intends to comment, after which Vesper will approve access to those internal LoI's that allow outside commentary and will forward the person's name and contact information to Brachet for training and observation.

After six months, Vesper will evaluate the person's performance as an OSCAR commenter with the assistance of Brachet and will either allow access to Laurel Commentary or start another six month period of training.

Any commenter who violates the rules and conditions of OSCAR and is removed from the list by Laurel or his/her deputy will not be allowed to re-register for commentary for at least six months during which they must accept training by Brachet or Vesper as appropriate.

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