Job Description -- The Banner Herald

The Purpose

The Purpose of the Banner Herald is to be an interface between the Herald's office and the Royalty, specifically for the purposes of scheduling heralds to perform the duty of Court Herald for Them. The Banner Herald is also the herald responsible for ceremony in general (ensuring that new ceremonies are written, put into the Ceremony Book, etc.). The Banner Herald is responsible for Court Heraldry at events in general, and should work with the Principality Heralds as needed when it comes to matters of Court Heraldry. Banner is ultimately responsible to be sure that awards lists from Kingdom-level courts are gotten processed in a timely fashion.

In General

It is a good idea to compile a list of trained Court Heralds (these are people who have proven themselves as competent court heralds, and/or have completed training via the College of Heralds [Heraldic Collegia, etc.]) who you know are willing to do court on a regular basis (some folk who have the training may feel that they are retired, for whatever reason, and may not be willing to do court at an event ...).

It is also a good idea to compile a list of those who would like to train, be backup heralds, etc. This may be part of the first list mentioned.

Take these lists to events that you are responsible for ...


Before Crown Events:

At Crown Events:

At Other Events:

All Events:


The Banner Herald is responsible for ensuring that there are trained, competent Court Heralds in the Kingdom. This may be done at Heraldic Collegia or whatever format is determined to be acceptable by the Banner and Vesper Principal Heralds.


Some Closing Thoughts

The Royalty appreciate pro-active officers most of the time. Not having to worry about who Their court herald is is a good thing for them, as the Royalty have enough distractions.

Keep in mind that Banner is responsible for the regalia, Ceremony Book, etc., and should be sure that the Ceremony Books that come to events are kept up-to-date with ceremonies as they change, are added, etc. Banner should also be sure that the tabards are in good repair, and that the ceremony books, tabards, and other things needed make it to events (this includes such things as post-it notes, and whatever else is useful, probably ensure some pens, notepads, etc. are available as well).

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