Job Description -- The Baldric Herald

The Purpose

The Baldric Herald is responsible for education of heralds in the West Kingdom. This can be done in several ways, including working with the Herald's Handbook (updating, adding new articles, etc.), the West Kingdom Herald's website, and holding classes at either West Kingdom Collegia, or specific Heraldic Collegia.


The Herald's Handbook

The Herald's Handbook documents themselves are in the hands of the Golem Herald, but the Baldric Pursuivant should be familiar with the contents, and able and willing to make corrections, additions, and even if necessary deletions in the Handbook to keep it up to date and useful to the Heralds of the Kingdom.

This means working with the Golem Herald to get changes done in a timely fashion, and Golem is responsible for getting those changes onto the West Kingdom Herald's Website.

The West Kingdom Herald's Website

The website is meant to be a good place for heralds, scribes and anyone interested in heraldry for whatever purpose to go and find information. Because of this it should contain useful and accurate information about the office. Because the internet is designed in the way it is, it is a good place to put information, as changes can be made and available to the populace in a very timely fashion. This requires working with the Golem Herald to ensure that the content of the website in matters that deal with education are correct and up to date. Don't be afraid to work with other members of the College of Heralds – senior staff members are usually more helpful than you might imagine when it comes to getting good information out there.

Collegium Occidentalis

This is a good way to have classes that while being about the heralds are not aimed at heralds, but instead at people who want to know more about heraldry. One way to do this is to have a "Herald's Track" – a bunch of classes aimed at non-heralds. The kinds of classes that are good for this are ones aimed at helping people understand basic book heraldry ("Heraldry 101"), "What the College of Heralds Does", and so on.

To put together a Heraldic Track at a Collegium:

Heraldic Collegia

Heraldic Collegia are held to teach people who are interested in being heralds how to do so. Classes should be scheduled that are aimed at both beginning and more advanced heralds.

To put together a Heraldic Collegium means going into full SCA Autocrat mode. This includes the following:

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