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What Is the Herald's Roster? What Is a Warranted Herald?

What is the Herald's Roster and Why Should I Be On It?

The Roster of Heralds of the Kingdom of the West is the list of those heralds in training, pursuivants and titled heralds who are regarded as officers of the Kingdom of the West. It is prepared once a year, signed by the Principal Herald and the Crown, and reprinted and re-signed any time there are changes to it. Other people may act as heralds, doing court, announcing the lists or helping at the consultation table, and we thank them for their help, but they are not Rostered Heralds.

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My Seneschal Says That the Branch Needs to Have a Warranted Herald. How Do I Get a Warrant?

Being on the Roster is your Warrant. The Roster system was invented by the College of Heralds here in the West in reaction to increasing requirements for Warrants. The Royalty and Officers were spending too much time, effort and money on signing Warrants. The Roster is essentially a "group warrant" that only needs to be signed once by Royalty and the supervising officer, reducing the needed amount of paperwork by an incredible amount.

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