Minutes of the April, 2010 Heralds Meeting

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The meeting was held on Sunday, 18 April 2010, at Herald’s Square. The meeting started at 12:00 am and ended at 2:15 pm. In attendance at this meeting were: Owen ap Morgan, Latimer, Maxen Dawel ap Morgan, Nar’ah bat Avraham Banner; Anne FitzRichard, Greencloak and Astrið of Swansvale, Matins.

The items forwarded to Laurel were posted in May, due to problems with getting the necessary scans for OSCAR.

The meeting schedule in 2010 is April 18, May 23, July, 11, August 22, and September 26. There will be no meeting in February or June, 2010. Meetings start at noon, unless otherwise announced.

In general, meetings will be held at Eilis’ house (2322 Russell Street, Berkeley CA 94705; 510-486-0633 -- call for directions). “Road show” meetings will be announced well in advance.

Anyone who is bringing a walk-in submission should contact Matins in advance, no later than the Monday before the meeting. This is especially important if the submitter has previous submissions, since the files are stored in a remote location. If you are bringing the paperwork for a submission to a meeting, please plan to arrive by 11:00 am to allow the file to be set up.

We are researching some of the name submissions beforehand through an email list, wknames@yahoogroups.com. This list is open by request to heralds in the West Kingdom who are interested in onomastic (name) research. To join the list, please subscribe at wknames-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.



Vigdis, Vesper- Plans to step down in June and will be advertising for a successor in the next 4 months. The roster has been signed by Their Majesties.

Anne FitzRichard, Green Cloak Herald- Welcome to the office.

Nara’ah, Banner- Special projects still proceeding.

Wilhelm, Baldric- Herald’s Collegium was canceled dui to chronic underattendance. Will be replaced by a herald’s track at Collegium Occidentalis. Field training continuing at tournament events.

Astrið, Matins – Matins submissions have been made.

Owen, Latimer- Workshop held for Southern Shores went off well. Thanks to all of those who helped out.

Consultation table will be at two Spring Coronets and March Crown. Collegium Occidentalis – full service consultation where submissions will be accepted at the table, on-line resources, photocopiers, artists. Special appearances on a limited basis – contact Latimer as far in advance as possible so that arrangements can be made.

Gwenhwyfaer, Brachet- been happening, up to 10 people are attending. December LoIs done, working on January LoIs. Hoping to be on February LoIs before the end of March

Hirsch, Golem-updated awards list.

Muriel, Seawolf – no report.

Elysant, Sable Swan – no report.

Clare, Stella Nordica – no report.


From Matins Herald: Please note that the "line drawing" requirement for device submissions does NOT mean a b/w photocopy of the color form.

For name submissions, we need two copies of all name forms and all documentation source printouts and/or photocopies. For device and badge submissions, we need four colored copies plus an uncolored line outline. Please use colored felt tip markers. Please do not use colored pencil, pastel colors, crayons, color printers or color copiers. The artist's signature is required, but the submitter's signature is not required. If you are using restricted or non-standard elements or any other supplemental matters, we need two copies of your supplemental paperwork.

Please make sure that all submitters print their e-mail addresses clearly. A single mistaken letter makes the e-mail address useless.

We will continue to hold voice heraldry training sessions at the beginning of events to encourage involvement at the event.

Spring Collegium - pending

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Submission fees are $6 per name, $6 per device, $6 per badge - and a name and device registered at the same time will cost $10 instead of $12. There is no fee for resubmission of a returned item. Submissions require 2 copies of the name packet (form and documentation), 3 colored copies and 1 line drawing of the full size device form, and 3 colored copies and 1 line drawing of the badge form, as applicable. Required documentation includes printouts of any web pages cited – including reports from the Academy of Saint Gabriel – as well as copies of the title page and cited pages from any books that are not standard heraldic references. The submission forms for the West Kingdom College are now available from Matins or the Kingdom consultation table or by following this link: http://heralds.westkingdom.org/Register.htm#Forms. Completed forms should be sent to Matins Herald (c/o Gretchen Lebednik / 2322 Russell St / Berkeley CA 94705).

MAILING LIST: The West Kingdom College of Heralds has a mailing list for internal communication. Any herald is welcome to join by request. To join the list, please subscribe at wkheralds-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

ELECTRONIC RESOURCES: Many interesting heraldic links can be found through the SCA Heraldry web page at http://www.sca.org/heraldry, including the Laurel home page, the on-line Armorial and Ordinary (with search capabilities) and The Academy of St. Gabriel (an onomastic and heraldic consultation service). The West Kingdom Heraldry site and the West Kingdom Awards List can be accessed through the West Kingdom site, http://www.westkingdom.org. Heraldic queries may also be addressed to Eilis and Vigdís at heralds@westkingdom.org -- answers may take a few days.

West Kingdom College of Heralds Minutes are published on the web. They may be read at or printed from the heralds' website at http://heralds.westkingdom.org/Minutes.htm. There is a colored version and a printer-friendly black and white version available.

These meetings comment on heraldic submissions from other Kingdoms. The meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:00 pm at 4317 Alderwood Way, Sacramento, CA 95864. Call Gwenhwyfaer ferch Gwilym for more information, (916) 323-4268 or email her, .

These meetings comment on heraldic submissions from other Kingdoms. Please consider attending – you do not have to be able to attend every week. They are a fast way to learn how the Rules of Submission work and how to research armory. The Brachet meetings are in Berkeley on Wednesday nights. If you are interested, contact the Matins Herald, Astrith of Swansvale (Gretchen Lebednik) at or Eilis at 510-486-0633.


The cover letters, acceptances and returns for the past can be found at http://www.sca.org/heraldry/loar/. If you are interested in responding to some of the calls for commentary put out by the Laurel Queen of Arms, please be sure to visit the site.

No new LoARs have been posted since the March meeting.

In Service,

Astrith of Swansvale
Matins Herald

SUBMISSONS – 20 April, XLIII (2010)


1. Altani of Daidu. -- New Name and New Device.

Or, in fess a flame gules, between an increscent and a decrescent azure.

Altani: from Cleaves, "Secret History of the Mongols": p. 156 (the story of Altani) and page 230 (in the Index Nominum).

Mongols in period usually did not have second names other than titles. The SCA allows place names to be used as secondary elements, and the submitter wishes to use this alternative.

Daidu: a place name. [http:afe.easia.columbia.edu/mongols/china/china3_e.htm]

2. Eskalya, Barony of. -- Resubmission of Badge.

Per fess sable and Or, a sun within six mullets in annulo, all counterchanged.

3. Geoffrey of Canterbury. -- New Name and New Device.

Or, a dragon and a tygre rampant addorsed gules, and on a chief gules, three crosses patonce Or.
Geoffrey: Withycombe, page 128, under header Geoffrey. Common in England from the 12th to the 15th century.

Canterbury: Ekwall, page 85, under header Canterbury. Canterburie, 1086. "y" is reasonable variation.

The submitter provided three URLs as name documentation: for Geoffrey, [>http://www/luminarium.org/medlit/chaucerbio.htm]

and for <of Canterbury> [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canterbury] and [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoffrey_of_Canterbury]. The second is to a 12th century abbot. The submitter considers that the name as used by the abbot does not warrant protection.

4. Grimr korni. -- New Name.

Grimr: popular male name, 32 uses ("Viking Names found in Landnámbok" by Aryanhwy verch Catmael, updated 2009: [http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/norse/landnamabok.htm].

korni: descriptive byname ("grain"). 1 use ("Viking Names found in Landnámbok" by Aryanhwy verch Catmael, updated 2009: [http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/norse/landnamabok.htm].

The use of the lower case for the descriptive byname follows SCA precedent. cf. Grimir læknir (Aethelmearc, 12/2008) and Grimir inn h arfagri (Caid, 12/2004).

5. Konrad von Luxemburg. -- New Name

Konrad: Bahlow. Dictionary of German Names. Page 308-309 under header Konrad. From Kunrad.

von Luxemburg: the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg dates to the medieval period. <Luxemburg> is the German spelling, consistent with the first element of this name.

See Returns for device.

6. Leonardo Phenix. – New Name

Leonardo: as shown in "Names from Arezzo, Italy, 1386-1528" (Aranhwy mech Catmael/ Sarah Friedmann, 2003), which mentions two Leonardos after 1500. Also Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).

In as much as Leonard was one of the top fifty male given names from the late 1500's [Faire Names for English Folk (Christian de la Holcombe/ Chris Laning 2003)] and Withycombe (p. 234) cites a "fashion for Italian names" in 16th century England such as Orlando and Ferdinando, the use of Leonardo as an alternate spelling for Leonard seems plausible for this period.

Phenix: Academy of St. Gabriel Report 3042: English surname in the 1500-1600 time frame, possibly of Dutch/Low Countries origin. Alternative spelling is "Fenix", possibly from "Felix".

7. Oliver of Southampton. – New Name

Submitted as "Southhampton", I have changed it to match the documentation.

Oliver: Withycombe, page 232- 233, under header Oliver. Moderately common in the Middle Ages, continuing so until the 16th and 17th centuries.

Also Reaney and Wilson (p. 329) under header Oliver, the Latinized <Oliverus> from the Domesday Book and a patronymic <Jordan Oliver>.

Southampton: Ekwall, page 431 under header Southampton. As Su(eth)hamtune 1205

See Returns for device.

8. Verica de Lighthaven. – New Name.

Submitted as a name change from Viresse' de Lighthaven, but that does not appear to have been registered.

Verica: from "Appendix II - Some British Names in Roman Inscriptions" of "The First Thousand Years of British Names by Tangwystyl" verch Morgant Glasvryn.


Submitted as de Lighthaven: use of a locative as a name element, usually modifying a title or occupation. "There are no entirely clear examples of a locative byname standing apart from a title or occupation. One possible exception is Berdicguent which might possibly be a given name Berdic run together with the place name Guent." From Old Welsh Names in "The First Thousand Years of British Names by Tangwystyl" verch Morgant Glasvryn. [http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/tangwystyl/british1000/part2.html#oldwelsh2]

I have changed it to "of Lighthaven" to employ the Lingua Anglica allowance, since it does not appear that this can be documented as a fully British or Old Welsh name.

See Returns for device.

9. Zanobia Fiorantini. -- New Name Change.

Old Item: Katherine ni Cheallaigh of Skye, to be retained.

Zanobia: 20 instances in "Feminine Given Names from the Online Catasto of Florence of 1427" by Arval Benicoeur (Josh Mittleman) [http://www.s-gabfriel.org.names.arval.catasto/].

Fiorantini: from the list of surnames (SURNAM1) found in the Tratta data file with the number of cases for each. "Online"Tratte of Office Holders 1282-1532" (D. Herlihy, R. B. Litchfield, A. Molho and R. Barducci, eds.) [http://www.stg.brown.edu/projects/tratte/doc/TLSURNAM1.html].


Alane the Traveler. -- New Name and Device.

Vert, on a fess Or a dragon rampant vert, in chief two arrows, heads to sinister Or.
Device returned for administrative reasons as well as the lack of a name to register it to. The line drawing is shaded, not a simple black-and-white line drawing. No conflict found. Please color the colored emblazons with the correct tools.

The name conflicts with Alan the Traveller, Lochac, May 2007.

Hagen the Saxon. New Name and New Device.

Gules, a wolf statant argent.
Name returned for administrative reasons – no name form was included.

Reaney: Saxon page 394 under header Saxon. Dated to 1208 as de Saxton and de Sexton, form Saxton Hall in West Riding Yorkshire.

Device conflicts with: The registered device for Lizbeth Ravensholm (no date), Gules, a wolf passant reguardant argent, armed sable, perched on its back, a raven croaking proper. Only one CD, for the addition of the raven.
Badge for Johann von Graustein (2/83, Ansteorra), (Fieldless) A fox statant reguardant argent. Only one CD, for the absence of a field.
Device for Katheryn du Griffin (5/85, Caid), Per pale gules and sable, a talbot passant argent, spotted counterchanged, collared and leashed Or, orbed gules. Only one CD, for the change in field tincture.
Device for Isabella of Greycliffs (6/83, Middle), Per bend sinister embattled sable and vert, a fox passant argent. Only one CD, for the change in field tincture.

Even without conflicts, the device would have been returned for re-drawing. We do not register charges drawn in Celtic interlace.

Konrad of Luxemburg. -- New Device.

Per bend sinister vert and sable, an enfield rampant contourney within a bourdure argent.
Device conflicts with the registered device for Caelan MacRob (12/08, Ansteorra), Per bend sinister vert and sable, a wolf salient to sinister within a bordure embattled argent. There is only one CD, for the line on the bordure.

Leonardo Phenix. -- New Device

Argent, a chevron gules between three gryphons’ heads erased vert, beaked Or and langued gules.
Conflicts with the registered device for Alyna of the Ilex (9/02, Calontir), Argent, a chevron throughout gules between three springs of holly vert, fructed gules. There is only one CD, for the change in type of the secondaries.

Lucrezia ana Callista Caracciolo de Venesia -- Change of Device

Sable, a winged gorgon’s head and in chief a paintbrush, bristles to dexter, argent.
Returned for redrawing. The wings are too small to blazon this as a winged head and are on top like a small cap rather than extending from the sides of the head. Any future submittal should include a black-and-white line drawing as well as the “colored” copies (which are black and white in this case, but are not line drawings).

Oliver of Southhampton – New Device

Argent, a three-headed dog sejant affronty sable, in chief an olive branch fesswise, fructed proper.
Returned for administrative reasons. Line drawing has the black charge colored. Please color the colored emblazons with the correct tools.

We note the registered device for Southmarch (7/81). Argent, a wolf sejant affronty sable, overall a laurel wreath vert. There are probably two CDs, one for the type and one for location of the secondary and overall charges.

Saito Takauju. – New Device.

Or, on a pale sable, three cherry blossoms Or.
A lovely device, but it conflicts with the registered device for Emerentiana Rose (10/84, West). Or, on a pale between two chains palewise sable, a rose slipped and leaved Or.

Verica de Lighthaven. –New Device.

Azure, a winged cup, and in chief, three six-pointed mullets, one and two, Or.
Returned for administrative reasons. Submitted on an out-of-date device form. The name on the forms should be Verica de Lighthaven.


Bahlow, Hans. Dictionary of German Names (translated by Edda Gentry). University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin; 1993.

Cleaves, Francis Woodman. 1982. Secret history of Mongols. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Columbia University. 2004. Website: Asia for Educators: Mongols in world history. [http://afe.easia.columbia.edu/mongols/china/china3_e.htm]

Ekwall, Eilert. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-names.

Friedemann, Sara L. (Aryanhwy merch Catmael). 2003. Names from Arezzo, Italy, 1386-1528. [http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/italian/arezzofull.html]

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Jones, Heather Rose (Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn). 1998. The First Thousand Years of British Names [http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/tangwystyl/british1000/], including "Appendix II - Some British Names in Roman Inscriptions" [http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/tangwystyl/british1000/appendix1_2.html#app2].

Mittleman, Josh (Arval Benicoeur ). Feminine Given Names from the Online Catasto of Florence of 1427. [http://www.s-gabfriel.org.names.arval.catasto/]

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Withycombe, E.G. Oxford dictionary of English Christian names.

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