Minutes of the October, 2007 Herald's Meeting

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Beginning with the January 2008 meeting, submission rates will be $6.00 per item
and $10.00 for a name and device submitted together.

The Fall Heralds' Collegium will be held at Crystal Middle School in Fairfield.
November 17 - the day before the November meeting.

The January Herald's meeting will be held at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose.
January 6 -- the Sunday after 12th Night.



The meeting was held on Sunday, 21 October 2007, at Eilis O'Boirne's home in Berkeley. The meeting started at 12:36 pm and ended at 2:15 pm. In attendance at this meeting were: Eilis O'Boirne, Vesper; Owen ap Morgan, Latimer; Astrith of Swansvale, Brachet; Na'arah bat Avraham, Banner; Wilhelm von Homburg, Baldric/Sable Swan; Walraven van Nijmegen, Exchequer to the College; Emma FitzWilliam, Acting Silver Gull Pursuivant; Frederick of Holland, Pursuivant; Elysant atten Oke, Sable Swan Deputy and Cornet; Una inghean Conchobhair, visitor; and Vigdis vestfirzka, Matins.

The final meeting in 2007 is November 18. The schedule for meetings in 2008 is January 6, February 3, March 16, April 13, May 18, June 8, August 16 (Saturday!), September 21, October 26 and November 16. Meetings start at noon. The January meeting will be at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose.

The Fall Herald's Collegium will be November 17, 2007 at Crystal Middle School in Fairfield. A senior staff meeting will begin at 9:00 am, and classes will begin at 11:00 am. Directions are in the Page and online, as is the class list.

The Spring Herald's Collegium has been expanded and is now the West Coast Voice Heraldry Collegium. It will be in Sacramento at a hotel and will be March 15 and 16, 2008. More details will be published in the next few months.

In general, meetings will be held at Eilis’ house (2322 Russell Street, Berkeley CA 94705; 510-486-0633 -- call for directions). “Road show” meetings will be announced well in advance.

Anyone who is bringing a walk-in submission should contact Matins in advance, no later than the Monday before the meeting. This is especially important if the submitter has previous submissions, since the files are stored in a remote location. If you are bringing the paperwork for a submission to a meeting, please plan to arrive by 11:00 am to allow the file to be set up.

We are researching some of the name submissions beforehand through an email list, wknames@yahoogroups.com. This list is open by request to heralds in the West Kingdom who are interested in onomastic (name) research. To join the list, please subscribe at wknames-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.




Frederick ex-Banner and Na'arah, Banner: Crown happened, all went well. The office has transitioned to Na'arah. Na'arah will be working on some ceremony revisions.

Astrith Brachet: We're up to date on commentary. More assistance would be welcome as the Pennsic letters will be coming up soon.

Moira Greencloak: no report.

Owen Latimer: The consultation table now has an "open/closed" sign to indicate the spot and availability.

Wilhelm Baldric: Collegium is coming up. The primary focus will be on Court and 'Management of Volunteers'.

Gillian Seawolf: Coronet went smoothly; there were seven rounds of round-robin tourney on four fields and then nine rounds including the finals on two fields for a portion of that time, we had thirteen heralds volunteer to assist. Thank you all! Work continues on the remaining missing ceremonies. We are continuing to look for new voices to train.

Wilhelm Sable Swan: Help for October Coronet is requested. Elysant will be managing the field heraldry. Wilhelm will request a one-reign extension of his warrant until July Investiture.

Isabel Stellanordica: no report.


From Matins Herald: Please note that the "line drawing" requirement for device submissions does NOT mean a b/w photocopy of the color form.

For name submissions, we need two copies of all name forms and all documentation source printouts and/or photocopies. For device and badge submissions, we need four colored copies plus an uncolored line outline. Please use colored felt tip markers. Please do not use colored pencil, pastel colors, crayons, color printers or color copiers. The artist's signature is required, but the submitter's signature is not required. If you are using restricted or non-standard elements or any other supplemental matters, we need two copies of your supplemental paperwork.

Please make sure that all submitters print their e-mail addresses clearly. A single mistaken letter makes the e-mail address useless.

We will continue to hold voice heraldry training sessions at the beginning of events to encourage involvement at the event.

The 2008 Known World Heraldic and Scribes Symposium will be held in the Kingdom of Drachenwald (London, England) on September 5-7, 2008.


SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Submission fees are $8 per name, $8 per device, $8 per badge – and a name and device registered at the same time will cost $15 instead of $16. There is no fee for resubmission of a returned item. Submissions require 2 copies of the name form and documentation, 3 colored copies and 1 black and white of the device form, and 3 colored copies and 1 black and white of the badge form, as applicable. Required documentation includes printouts of any web pages cited – including reports from the Academy of Saint Gabriel – as well as copies of the title page and cited pages from any books that are not standard heraldic references. The submission forms for the West Kingdom College are now available from Matins or the Kingdom consultation table or by following this link: http://heralds.westkingdom.org/Register.htm#Forms. Completed forms should be sent to Matins at the College address.

MAILING LIST: The West Kingdom College of Heralds has a mailing list for internal communication. Any herald is welcome to join by request. To join the list, please subscribe at wkheralds-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

ELECTRONIC RESOURCES: Many interesting heraldic links can be found through the SCA Heraldry web page at http://www.sca.org/heraldry, including the Laurel home page, the on-line Armorial and Ordinary (with search capabilities) and The Academy of St. Gabriel (an onomastic and heraldic consultation service). The West Kingdom Heraldry site and the West Kingdom Awards List can be accessed through the West Kingdom site, http://www.westkingdom.org. Heraldic queries may also be addressed to Eilis at heralds@westkingdom.org -- answers may take a few days.

These meetings comment on heraldic submissions from other Kingdoms. Please consider attending – you do not have to be able to attend every week. They are a fast way to learn how the Rules of Submission work and how to research armory. The Brachet meetings are in Berkeley on Wednesday nights. If you are interested, contact the Brachet Herald, Astrith of Swansvale (Gretchen Lebednik) at .

A training and commenting meeting is being held in Cynagua to promote and encourage interest in book heraldry and raise the level of general heraldic knowledge along the eastern side of the kingdom. The meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:00 pm at 4317 Alderwood Way, Sacramento, CA 95864. Call Gwenhwyfaer ferch Gwilym for more information, (916) 323-4268 or email her, ginni.morgan@doj.ca.gov.


The LoAR for June 2007 was published in September 2007. The cover letters, acceptances and returns for the past can be found at http://www.sca.org/heraldry/loar/. If you are interested in responding to some of the calls for commentary put out by Lady Laurel, please be sure to visit the site.

WEST - Acceptances - June 2007
(February 2007 LoI)

Aidan of Castlewood. Name.

Aidan is the submitter's legal given name. The byname Castlewood is grandfathered; his father's registered name is Jared of Castlewood (registered May 1989).

Benjamin of Castlewood. Name.

Benjamin is the submitter's legal given name. The byname Castlewood is grandfathered; his father's registered name is Jared of Castlewood (registered May 1989).

Bj{o,}rn Helgason. Name and device. Per fess Or and per pale gules and azure, in chief a bull passant contourny maintaining in its mouth a pennanted staff sable.

Submitted as Björn Helgason, the ö is a modern typographical convention for the o-ogonek, which is represented as {o,} in standard SCA Da'ud notation:

Submitted as Þorbjörn Rauðfeldr, Þorbjörn was documented from Aryanhwy merch Catmael's article "Viking Names found in the Landnámabók" (<http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/landnamabok.html>). This source notes that the character ö is used to represent an o "with a reverse-comma hook on the bottom". This is the character o-ogonek, which we represent as {o,}. We have made this correction. [Þorbj{o,}rn rauðfeldr, 07/2003 LoAR, A-Atlantia]

We have corrected the name to Bj{o,}rn Helgason.

(Note from your friendly Golem Herald, Hirsch -- in HTML the o-ogonek can be represented by using a character outside the normal character sets: ǫ -- if you need to use this in HTML (most computers won't normally display this correctly), type &#491; in your HTML, and most browsers should show the character correctly. For more of these, visit the Awards List website, and view the file on "Da'ud Encoding": http://heralds.westkingdom.org/Awards/DaudEncoding.htm.)

Constance Lymnour. Name reconsideration from Custance Lymnour.

Her old name, Custance Lymnour, is released.

Leanne of Havn. Name.

Leanne is the submitter's legal given name. The byname of Havn is grandfathered; her father's registered name is Henrik of Havn (registered January 1973).

Niall Mór mac Cernaich. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and lozengy vert and argent, in dexter chief a mullet of four points Or.

As the field in this device is divided, Eleanor Leonard's blanket permission to conflict with her badge, (Tinctureless) A mullet of four points distilling a goutte, applies.

WEST - Returns - June 2007

Erik of Havn. Name. This name conflicts with Erik Ravn, registered June 1990. The given names are identical, and the descriptive element of the bynames differ only in the initial consonant. For purposes of conflict, articles and prepositions do not generally count for difference.

In Service,

Vigdís vestfirzka
Matins Herald

SUBMISSONS – 21 October, XLII (2007)


Angelo d'Amico     (Canale)     Resubmission of Device to Laurel

Per fess embattled argent and azure, two bunches of grapes and a Latin cross counterchanged.
Submitter's name was registered February 2003. The device was returned on the May 2007 LoAR for a redraw of the grapes. (This device is returned for a redraw of the grapes. As depicted in this emblazon, the roundels forming the grape bunches are not conjoined. In fact, no part of the bunches are conjoined. This is a very modern stylization of grapes, and therefore is not registerable.)

The submitter has corrected the grape bunch and included a copy of the arms of De Lesseps (http://www.heraldsnet.org/saitou/parker/images/m603a.gif) showing grapes drawn in a "period manner."

Élise von Sophey     (Earngyld)     New Alternate Name
Submitter's primary name of Élise da Nizza was registered August 2000 (via Atlantia). The submitter will NOT accept major changes.

The submitter submitted Elisa von Sophey, but we were unable to document the spelling Elisa. The spelling Élise is listed as a header spelling dated to 1290 as a given name in Socin on p.52.

The submitter said: "My persona has moved from her hometown of Nizza, Savoy, to a town in Saxony due to French occupation. I am trying to make her name a better reflection of what she would be called. Elisa is how I expect they would hear and spell Elise (since the "e" on the end is pronounced in Nice/Nizza). I am open to changes that would better reflect that part. I also expect they would refer to her as being "from Savoy" rather than "from Nice." The submitter attached copies of documents from period German sources and that show 2 spellings for Savoy: Sophey and Saphoya. (Schedel's World Chronicler, 1493; Spiez Chronicles, 1485; Spalatin Chronicle, 1510; Johann Siebmachers Wappenbuch von 1605; & Das Felsische Hausbuch, between 1607-1671)

The scan of the Spalatin Chronicle shows the spelling of Sophey dated to 1510.

Flann Donnubán     (Silver Desert)     New Name (see Returns for Device)
Flann was found in Mari's Index of Names in Irish Annals (http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/Mari/AnnalsIndex/Masculine/Flann.shtml). The article lists this as one of the usual nominative forms from c700 on.

Donnubán is found in O'Corrain and Maguire at the header spelling Donndubán on p.77; stating that the name means "dark brown, swarthy person", so we do not feel that a patronymic particle is required. They state that the name was borne principally in Munster by a number of 9th and 10th c princes. Please correct the grammar as needed.

The submitter states: "The intent is to reflect the 10th century version of the modern surname Donovan. If it is possible (i.e: historically correct) to leave the surname without any prefix (e.g., O', Ó) please do so. If not please add whichever prefix is most appropriate."

Juliana of Avon     (Mountains Gate)     Resubmission of Device to Laurel
Lozengy argent and sable, on a bend cotised Or, three crescents azure.
Submitter's name was registered March 2006. The device was returned April 2007 for a conflict: "This device is returned for conflict with the device of Eabha inghean Domhnaill, Lozengy argent and sable, on a bend Or a cat salient between two dumbegs palewise gules. There is a single CD for the changes to the tertiary charges."

The submitter has added cotissing to the bend. This clears the conflict.

Saint Guinefort, College of     (Eskalya)     New Branch Name & Device
Vert, a greyhound head contourny erased argent and collared sable, within a laurel wreath Or.
As is required, the branch has submitted a signed petition and has the approval of the Kingdom Seneschal. It is the University of Anchorage, Alaska.

The name comes from Stephen de Burbon's "De Supersticione" written in 1262 (Internet Medieval Sourcebook http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/guinefort.html). According to this article, Guinefort was a dog.

The submitter states: "Guinefort was a local "saint", not one who ever received papal clearance, but was revered and treated as a sanctified body near Lyons."


Flann Donnubán     (Silver Desert)     New Device Returned

"Argent, a blue and silver dancing heron below a silver chevron and above a silver horizontal bar."
The device is not registerable as it stands - it is color-on-color and the bird is not in a standard heraldic position.

James Thorskiall     (Golden Rivers)     New Name and Device Returned
Per pale azure and argent a bear's head erased counterchanged and a bordure sable semy of mullets of four points Or.
Submitter will NOT accept any major or minor changes. No documentation was submitted. We couldn't find any documentation for the surname.

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