West Kingdom Herald's Handbook
Last Updated: April, 2007

IMPORTANT: The Heralds' Handbook is seriously out-of-date, attempts are being made to "unlink" this page from any place on the site that points to it, and the articles that are here, until the Handbook has been updated. October, 2015

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  1. Table of Contents

  2. Introduction

  3. Duties of a Herald
    1. The Duties and Responsibilities of Rostered Heralds
    2. Commentary on the Roster Letter Encloser
    3. Heraldic Regalia and How to Wear It
    4. Requirements for Advancement
    5. Duties of the Major Heraldic Positions
    6. Section 6 is a list of current Senior Heraldic Staff members, which is redundant -- see West Kingdom Herald's Website for most current listing.
    7. The Herald as a Local Officer

  4. What the College of Heralds Does
    1. How to Use Your College of Heralds
    2. Getting Advice on Heraldry (How to Help the College of Heralds Help You)
    3. The Various Types of SCA Herald
    4. How to be Herald-in-Charge at an Event
    5. How to Organize a Duty Roster
           Note that you can download a Kingdom Duty Roster by selecting this link: Duty Roster

  5. Field and Duty Heralding
    1. OYEZ, OYEZ! (An intro to field heralding ...)
    2. Who Can Ask for Announcements
    3. What To Say
    4. How to Use (not Abuse) Your Voice
    5. How to Run a Lists
    6. The Voice of the Crown
    7. Morning Announcements

  6. Protocol, Titles, Awards and Precedence
    1. What Do I call the Guy With the Hat?
    2. Awards and Honors in the West Kingdom
    3. Precedence
    4. Territorial Armory and Tokens of Rank
      Note: You can find information on this at various websites on the internet, including: http://www.goldenstag.net/MiscSCA (ANOTHER SITE)
    5. Seating at Court and Banquet
    6. Sumptuary Customs in the West
    7. Crowns and Coronets of the Known World
      You can find more information on this at the various websites for the different Kingdoms, and at: A Guide to the Crowns and Coronets of the Known World (ANOTHER SITE)
    8. Alternate Titles List (ANOTHER SITE)
      (This is the SCA College of Arms official website version of this list ...)

  7. Court Heraldry
    1. Philosophy of Court Heraldry
    2. How to Organize a Court
    3. How to Start and End a Court
    4. How to Write a Ceremony
    5. Sample Ceremonies
    6. Selected Ceremonies of the West Kingdom
      Rather than re-format the ceremonies for the Herald's Handbook, the individual ceremonies that are most useful if the Royalty visit and do not have the Ceremony Book with them are the ones shown below:

      You can get the complete West Kingdom Ceremony Book here: West Kingdom Ceremony Book (PDF)
      And you can get individual ceremonies here: West Kingdom Ceremony Book (Table of Contents)

    7. How to Organize a Grand March

  8. Names and Armory - Procedural
    1. How to Submit Devices/Badges/Names [Link to article removed as it was horrendously out of date, including incorrect submission fees ... use this link instead ...]
    2. What Happens to Submissions
    3. Submission Forms [link to article removed as it is badly out of date ... do not use the information if you have a copy]
      (This is an article discussing how to fill out the forms, which can be obtained from the links below)
      1. Current Forms (with instructions)
      2. Heraldi-Scratch ("Scratch Paper" for designing armory)
    4. The Consultation Table
    5. Rules For Submission
      Note: The Rules for Submission are available on the Laurel Sovereign of Arms website, and the links below are to that website -- this is easier than the West trying to keep a separate, up-to-date version ...
      1. Glossary of Terms (ANOTHER SITE)
      2. Rules for Submission (ANOTHER SITE)
      3. Administrative Handbook (ANOTHER SITE)
      You can also go to this page to get RTF (Rich Text Format) file versions:
      SCA College of Arms Rules and Regulations (ANOTHER SITE)
    6. Efficient Conflict Research Under the Current Rules
    7. Resources Available to Heralds
    8. How to be an Heraldic Consultant
    9. A Guide to the Heraldic Submission Process

  9. Names (Onomastics) - Technical
    1. Documenting Your Name
    2. How to Do Name Consultation
    3. Books and Articles on Names and Naming Practices

  10. Armory - Technical
    1. The Philosophical Roots of Heraldic Design
    2. Basis and Philosophy of SCA Heraldry
    3. How to Count Points of Difference
    4. Books on Armory
    5. A Listing of the Books in the Collection of the College of Heralds of the Kingdom of the West
    6. Sources for Books and Information
    7. Lady Argent Snail's Armory Insta-boing Check List
    8. Reserved and Prohibited Charges
    9. Counting Complexity in Devices and Badges

  11. Questions Commonly Asked of the Heralds
    1. Questions Commonly Asked of the Heralds
    2. Frequently Given Answers (That are Wrong)

  12. What To Tell a New Person
    1. A Very Basic Introduction
    2. Heraldry For Scribes (A VERY Good Tutorial on Heraldry)
      1. Heraldry for Scribes - Part 1
      2. Heraldry for Scribes - Part 2
      3. Heraldry for Scribes - Part 3
      4. Heraldry for Scribes - Part 4
      5. Heraldry for Scribes - Part 5
      6. Heraldry for Scribes - Part 6
      7. Heraldry for Scribes - Part 7
    3. What To Do With It When It Has Passed
      An incomplete article on what to do with your heraldry can be found at: Armorial Display (ANOTHER SITE)

  13. Miscellanea
    1. Fealty, Loyalty and Obedience
    2. A Non-Herald's View of Heralds
    3. Table of Modern to (West Kingdom) SCA Years

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