Requirements for Advancement
Date Written: August, 1987
Last Updated: December, 2017
Author: Hirsch von Henford

Policy Level: WK Policy - Informational
Intended Audience: All heralds
Abstract: Requirements for advancement within the College of Heralds of the West Kingdom.

A Coronet herald is a trainee position, and may be rostered. Current policy is that Cornet heralds are rostered trainees of the College of Heralds.

Cornets and trainees do not “belong” to a specific branch, but are the responsibility of all members of the College. Cornets are under the authority of the herald-in-charge at the event at which they are working. Trainees do not “belong” to a specific herald or teacher, and should seek training from anyone who has something to teach them. It is the responsibility of each rostered herald to aid in the training process as much as he or she is able, and the duty of every herald to continue his or her own heraldic education.

Pursuivant Extraordinary:
The following requirements are not absolutely necessary, but are to be used as a guideline:

  1. Your device and name must be submitted to the College (not necessarily accepted). This means a valid attempt at submitting a normal device and name. If not accepted the first time, timely attempts should be made to pass an acceptable device.
  2. Pass a Book Heraldry Exam to the satisfaction of Vesper or your Principality Herald.
  3. One of the following requirements should be met, or a combination of said requirements, to the satisfaction of Vesper or your Principality Herald:
    1. Two devices submitted as consulting herald, or;
    2. Minimum of two satisfactory courts, either as court herald, or as backup herald (assistant to court herald), or;
    3. Minimum of two satisfactory events as duty and/or field herald.

A continued interest in heraldry surpassing that of PE, willingness to serve as herald at any/all times to the satisfaction of Vesper or your Principality Herald. Approximately a year to eighteen months as a PE is usually required. This is at Vesper's discretion. Some exceptional heralds will advance more quickly; some will take much longer. Finally, superior ability in one of the three fields, or high competence in all three fields of heraldry is required.

There is no permanent rank of Herald in the College of Heralds of the Kingdom of the West. Herald is a job description for certain positions, and those with that rank hold it only so long as they hold the office which gives that rank.

These are the current standards within the Kingdom of the West at the time of this writing.