How To Fill Out/Use the Court Report
This page is for heralds who need some information about the Court Report web page, to ensure that they can fill it out properly, and assist the Golem Herald, as well as the Kingdom Chronicler, get the data correct the first time, rather than having to answer a bunch of questions in email. This is a bit lengthy, unfortunately, but after you have filled out the form a couple of times, it all will start to make more sense and be easier to use.

The "sections" below match the sections used in the Court Report itself ...

Information About the Court:

The screen starts with information that must be filled out correctly to ensure that the report gets to the correct people. It looks like the following:

1: Royalty of: It is vital that you select the correct region -- this is the Kingdom ("The West"), the different Principalities (The Mists, Cynagua, Oertha), or a Barony of the West.

The reason it is important that you select the correct entry here is that this determines to whom the Court Report is sent: If you do not select the correct region, it will default to being sent to the King and Queen of the West, who cannot confirm award reports for a Principality or Baronial court. Please be sure to select the correct region.

2: Honors Given By: This information is the names of the Royalty whose court this was. Use a format of simply: Sovereign_first_name and Consort_first_name, Title and Title -- there is no need to do more than that. For example: Fred and Wilma, King and Queen or Barney and Betty, Prince and Princess of the Mists, or George and Georgina, Baron and Baroness of TheBigBarony.

VERY IMPORTANT: even if only one of a pair of Royalty held court, please note both of them. This is how they are recorded (i.e., Fred and Wilma, ...), even if only one of the pair was at the event. In addition, NEVER assume that anyone reading the email knows which region the royalty are from. What is meant by this, is that you MUST include: "King and Queen", or "Prince and Princess of (name of Principality)" or "Baron and Baroness of (name of Barony)". If you do not, the Chronicler has to hunt this information down, and we are trying to help a fellow officer as well as get the information correct and accurate.

This information will be copied to The Page exactly in this format.

3: Alternate EMail for Royalty: Sometimes, particularly at the beginning or end of a reign, or if a Court Report is processed well after the end of the reign, it is important to have email addresses for the Royalty that are not the default ones listed in The Page (i.e., This is because these are just "front-end" addresses that are used to forward to other email addresses. When a reign changes, this information is changed by the Kingdom IT officer(s). Please fill this out if you can. It will help ensure that the report gets to the Royalty, who need to confirm the report.

4: Date (Mundane): Please enter the date in the standard date format, as shown on the page -- Month Day, Year (i.e., March 10, 2015). The date is very important (for the Order of Precedence -- an award of the same rank given on different days changes the Precedence for the award), and is also useful to note which day of a multi-day event the award was given on. Added February, 2017: You can click the calendar button to get an interactive calendar ... the trash can icon will clear the value in the entryfield.

5: Event: The event that the award was given at. This should be the full name of the event, such as Beltane Coronation, March Crown Tournament, etc. This information is very important for use of the Chronicler, to ensure that it is listed correctly in The Page. If this is an event for a Principality or Barony, please include the name of the event: in other words: Cynaguan Investiture is much more useful than simply Investiture, and Winter's Gate Yule is definitely more useful than simply Yule (do you have any idea how many events in December are listed as simply "Yule"?).

6: Court Description: This refers to an event at which more than one Court was held. For example, a Crown Tournament typically has court on Saturday in the morning and in the evening, as well as a court on Sunday. Specifying Saturday Morning Court is useful to difference the courts, again this is important for use of the Chronicler for The Page.

7: Court Herald: and Court Herald Email: The Court Herald's name and contact information is so that they are in the loop for any questions about the court report that might come up. A copy of the email that is created by this program is sent to the Court Herald's email address, that way they can check their own records, if there are questions. If you hold a senior staff heraldic position, such as "Baldric Herald", you have an automatic email address of and the email should be sent directly to your preferred email address (check with the Golem Herald for details on this).

8: Submitting Herald: and Submitting Herald Email: If the person submitting the Court Report is not the herald who was the Court Herald, then it is important to note this, in case there are concerns about the report. Maybe there was a handwritten name that was hard to read, and the Court Herald can remember what they wrote, or knows the problem, etc. Please be sure the email address is correct ... However, this only needs to be used if the herald submitting the report is not the Court Herald as noted in step 7 above.

Herald -- PLEASE READ:

The following are instructions that need to be followed. Please take the time to read them, and be sure you understand them!

Item 1 in this list is probably the most important -- the names of the award recipients are important to both the recipients and the Golem Herald, to ensure we are using the correct name. Please look for each recipient's name in the Award List (in the Court Report form you can click on the link for "Awards List" in the instruction, and bring up a new browser window with the Awards List available). If you do find the name, click and drag the mouse through the name, and copy it (if using Windows, Ctrl+C will work, or right click the text and select the "Copy" option; for a Mac, I don't know what the Command key option is ...). When you come back and enter the name, rather than typing it, you can paste it into the name part of the screen (Ctrl+V on a Windows computer ...). If you find something close, or if there might be confusion with a name, please try to find more information (from the Royalty, etc.).

Items 2 and 3 in these instructions is quite important for the Chronicler. Group the awards of the same type together, such as Order of the Rose Leaf -- if there are more than one of these given during the same court, and alphabetize the names. This isn't quite as easy as one might like, but you can do it. It saves the Chronicler a lot of time, and I can guarantee they will appreciate that. This is, if you will, professional courtesy to another officer in the Kingdom.

Item 4 is only going to affect a few awards, but it is important from the point of tracking for those specific awards. The award recipient in the lists will have the number displayed either by their name or by the award (depending on the specific list). This number is also often used in the ceremony, so knowing the current number is important. It helps if the Court Herald puts a note of the number on the Court Report form used before getting away from the site. The ceremony book should have fairly current information, but you can always visit the Awards List site itself to find the specific award and get the number.

Item 5 is handy for those situations where a large court occurs (often a Coronation or Investiture, where a lot of guardsmen or other such titles may be being added, or the final court of a set of Royalty, where a lot of Queen's Cyphers or similar awards are being given). Put a note in the "Notes" section at the bottom that says "This is page ..." will help us know that some of what was done in court was not forgotten.

Item 6 should not come up often, but sometimes an award needs to be reaffirmed because for some reason it disappeared, was not reported, etc. The reaffirmation needs to be noted as shown in the instructions, because this information lists who gave the award originally and the date. If the royalty do not know, and the recipient does not know, please work with them to try to find out that information before reporting it!

Item 7 Regional Notes for Court Reports - Kingdom and Principality award/recognition specific notes ...

The Following Honors Were Given (this page holds 30):

The following is what the main entry area looks like. Please note the columns as listed:

It is important that the information be entered in the columns as shown (Award/Honor in the first column, and Recipient (SCA) Name in the second).

If you have lists of one type of award (consider two or more to be a list), such as Queen's Cyphers, please do not repeat the name of the award for each entry. Put the name of the award for the FIRST recipient, and then for the others just put the names in the second column. Once you have finished with that specific award type, then put the next award name in, and continue. For example:

 Award(s) / Honor(s) Given   (Recipient) SCA Name
1Leaf of Merit   Alfred the Smart
2   Bjorn Bearsson
3   Fred the Lame
4Award of Arms   Albert the Not-too-Smart
5   George the Tall
6   Sheena Red-hair
(and so on ...)

Note the instruction that says "Please do not leave any blank lines between names of recipients". Leaving a blank in the name column will cause the program to stop processing and important information will not be reported.

Note that at the bottom is a large entry area, using an editor that allows you to use HTML to format your comments. Please enter any information think might be useful here. This can be, as mentioned in the instruction section above, a comment that this is "Page 1 of 2", it can be details about a specific award or honor, it can include questions if needed ...

It was discovered a long time ago that pressing "Enter" automatically submits a web form to the program that processes it. This caused some problems, because some folk are used to working with programs that allow them to move from entry area to entry area using the Enter key. However, that doesn't work here. Use "Tab" for that, or use the mouse and click on the appropriate area.

Pressing Enter does not submit this particular form by design. To submit it, you need to click the checkbox that says "Form is Complete - Enable Buttons". Once you do that, the form is now enabled, and you can click on the "Send Report" button (or press Enter) if you are sure you are done, or click the "Clear" button to empty out the form.

It should be noted that there is some spam-filter software being used to trap "Spam-Bots" (programs that fill out web forms), and if you enter a web address your court report may get returned to you ... you will know if that happens. If you leave out any of the required information you will know, as a screen with a lot of red text on it will appear and tell you what to do ...

Hopefully all this will get you through the process. This is not as complex as it may seem, and once you get used to it, it is a pretty good system ...

The Golem Herald