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PLEASE NOTE: The West Kingdom Award List tracks awards granted by the King and Queen of the West, Princes and Princesses of the Principalities of the West (and equivalent awards from other Kingdoms/Principalities), and Baronial awards (both local -- i.e., West Kingdom Baronies -- and "foreign" -- i.e., awards that people resident in the West have from other Baronies from other Kingdoms).

Information About the Court:

This is very important: WHO GAVE THE AWARD(S) LISTED? The selection here determines to which Royalty and which Regional Herald this report is sent ... please make sure to select the correct Region the Royalty are from (includes Barons and Baronesses)!

Include Name and Name, King and Queen; or Prince and Princess of Which Principality; or Baron and Baroness of Which Barony ... -- except for the King and Queen, the region (Principality name or Barony name) is very important, please do not skip that! Example: Fred and Wilma, Prince and Princess of the Mists
IMPORTANT: if only one of a set of Royals are holding court, remember the awards by definition come from BOTH of them -- please put both names and titles in here!!

Alternate Royalty Addresses are Optional, but important: There are cases where the default email address for the Royalty may not work (such as the royalty this report is for are no longer on the Thrones ..., etc.). If you have an alternate email address for the Royalty this court is for, please use it here. May also be used for head of court ...
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Unless this is a Kingdom event, specify region (i.e., Mists Investiture, Eskalya Yule, etc.).

Optional, this is useful for an event where there are multiple courts, such as a Crown Tournament, noting "Morning Court", or "Evening Court", or at a Coronation, "Coronation Court", etc.)

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Please make sure this is a valid email address


Herald -- PLEASE READ:

Specific instructions/requests:

  1. Please double-check spelling of names, you may wish to visit the Awards List site to verify the currently-used-spelling of someone's name if they are in the list.
  2. Please group awards of the same type together -- for example, if there were six Awards of Arms, please go through your report and put all six of them one after the other in the list. (This assists the Chronicler in getting the awards listed in The Page properly.)

    If you have lists of one type of award (consider two or more to be a list), such as Queen's Cyphers, please do not repeat the name of the award for each entry. Put the name of the award for the FIRST recipient, and then for the others just put the names in the second column. Once you have finished with that specific award type, then put the next award name in, and continue. For example:

     Award(s) / Honor(s) Given   (Recipient) SCA Name
    Leaf of Merit   Alfred the Smart
       Bjorn Bearsson
       Fred the Lame
    Award of Arms   Albert the Not-too-Smart
       George the Tall
       Sheena Red-hair
    (and so on ...)

  3. Please alphabetize lists of multiple awards (any/all) -- it is easier on the reader when a list like this is published to find an individual name ...
  4. If the award is numbered (such as the Cynaguan Ruxton, the Pillar of the West, etc.) please include the number for that recipient.
  5. If multiple forms are used please use the "Notes:" section below to state "This is part n of this report" where "n" is a numeric value, such as "This is part 1 of this report".
  6. If reporting reaffirmations of awards note with the award the Royalty who gave the award originally, and the date (include SCA Year). Example (place this in the "Award(s) /Honor(s) Given" column!):
         Reaffirmation: Award of Arms, Fred and Wilma, King and Queen, 06/01/2005 (AS XL).
    Don't worry about the length of the text - it will fit, although it doesn't look like it. Note that information about Reaffirmations can be gotten here:
         Reaffirmations of Awards
  7. Regional Notes: Some 'regions' have specific awards you should be aware of for reporting information, you may want to check this page: Regional Notes.

The Following Honors Were Given (this page holds 30):

Please do not leave any blank lines between names of recipients -- doing so will end up not reporting anything after the blank line ... you can leave out the award name for multiple recipients of the same award, but once a blank Recipient is found, the program will stop ...

Award(s) / Honor(s) Given   (Recipient) SCA Name
Notes (Describe anything that might be important about this court that is not listed above ...)

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