Being a Duty Herald
Lord Wilhelm von Homburg, OLM

  1. Concept and Responsibility
    1. Information Distribution
    2. Site Coverage
    3. Voice of the King, but not the Word.

  2. Execution
    1. From Who and Not Who (most should come from Herald’s Pt.)
      1. Royalty and certain Courtiers
      2. Senior Heralds
      3. Autocrat
      4. Officers
      5. NOT –Personal –Adverts for Merchants

    2. Screening Information
      1. Info is easily plausible and verifiable
      2. Reasonable lead time (30 minutes or more)
      3. Appropriate subject matter
      4. Time to Defer or say No
        1. Not sure of the veracity
        2. Not sure of the appropriateness

    3. Taking Shouts (agreeing to do them)
      1. Health
        1. Wet Voice
        2. The Sun is your enemy
        3. Overall feeling
      2. When to defer or say “No”
        1. Losing patience
        2. Unable to concentrate
        3. Voice is getting crispy

    4. Format of the actual call
      1. Read it (to yourself and aloud) before you go out and reword if necessary
      2. OYEZ, OYEZ (My L & L)
      3. Body
        1. EE-Nun-ShEE-8 (Enunciate)
          1. Open your mouth when you speak
          2. Avoid the word “now” unless you're Anahita
        2. Pauses between individual announcements
        3. Breath
      4. End with the time/round (if you know)
      5. Walking, Talking Information Booth
        1. If enough people ask, add a call-point (more on that next section)
        2. If enough people ask the same informational question, go find out that answer and add it to the shout, in the following round for yourself or your relief.

    5. Topography, Range, and Sequence
      1. Topography
        1. Know the site, the lay of the land
        2. Find the major population clusters
        3. Develop call-points (automaticity for you and populace)
          1. High ground
          2. High traffic areas
          3. Efficient use voice versus area covered.
      2. Range
        1. NEVER do a round or part of a round at 100% voice
        2. Ask for confirmation at what you think is the edge of your range
        3. Modify call points accordingly
      3. Sequence
        1. Get Regalia
          1. Read it (to yourself and aloud) before you go out and reword if necessary)
        2. Eric/List Field and/or the Corners FIRST
          1. (Exception—a 911 call in mid round away from Eric)
        3. Move through site in a consistent and logical direction, trying to use the same call points over and over.
        4. Try to arrange your last so that it slightly overlaps with part of the Eric.
        5. Go back to Herald’s Point for check-in when you are done—not to camp, not to lunch—

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