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Complete Principality of Oertha Ceremonies
This file contains all of the Principality Ceremonies -- it is approx. 950K in size, so even using a slow modem should present little or no trouble in download speed.

Updated December 8, 2013, Major updates to Release and Investiture ceremonies, all PDFs updated
Updated October 15, 2014, Addition of two ceremonies
Updated January 21, 2015, New Bard of Oertha
Updated April 7, 2015, Investiture Ceremony Updated to include optional Order of Defense in Fealty of Peers
Updated January 25, 2016, New Bard of Oertha
Updated September 8, 2017, New Bard of Oertha

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Table of Contents
     (For the Principality of Oertha ceremonies themselves)

Outline for Principality Courts at Oerthan Tourneys
Starting and Ending Court

Invocation of the Coronet Lists
          (Ceremony to Begin The Coronet Lists/Standard Litany/Litany for Final Round)
Acknowledgement of the Victor in the Coronet Lists

Ceremony for the Princess' Riband
Release of Lord/Lady Guardian, Ladies of the Chamber, Princess' Escort, Princess' Champion

Investiture of the Prince and Princess of Oertha
     Updated April 7, 2015, Ceremony Updated to include optional Order of Defense in Fealty of Peers
Acknowledgement of the Title and Estate of a Viscount/Viscountess

Order of the Ash Leaf
Order of the Leaf of Merit
Order of the Rose Leaf
Award of Arms

Order of the Argent Flame
Order of the Argent Stylus
Order of the Bards of Oertha
     Updated January 21, 2015, New Bard of Oertha
     Updated January 25, 2016, New Bard of Oertha
     Updated September 8, 2017, New Bard of Oertha
Companions of the Diamond Willow
Order of the Glove
Oerthan Order of Grace
Companions of the Oerthan Sword
Order of Orion
Order of the Polaris
Order of the Raven's Heart
Order of the Sandhill Crane
     October 14, 2014: New Ceremony
Order of the Silver Ulu
Order of the Snowy Owl
The Ursa Major
The Ursa Minor
Order of the Wandering Wolves
     October 14, 2014: New Ceremony

Great Officers, Barons/Baronesses, Chivalry, Peers

Change of Officer


Scroll Texts

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