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Complete Principality of Cynagua Ceremonies
This file contains all of the ceremonies for the Principality. It is approx. 977K in size, so even on a slow modem should not take a long time to download.
The complete ceremony book for Cynagua has been revised as of January, 2015. You may want to consider just downloading (and/or printing if you have an older printout) the complete book.

     Ruxton -- July 2015 -- New Recipient
     Ruxton -- January 2016 -- New Recipient
     Ruxton -- July 2016 -- New Recipient
     Ruxton -- March 2017 -- New Recipients
     Cynaguan Roll of Captains -- July 2017 -- moved to "Final Court of Outgoing Prince and Princess"

Below is a list of all of the individual parts of this portion of the ceremony book. You can download each ceremony you are interested in, it will have a ".pdf" extension, and you can then view if using the Acrobat Reader as described earlier in this page.

Table of Contents (For the Principality of Cynagua ceremonies themselves)

Invocation of the Lists
Litany for the Coronet Lists
Invocation of the Prima Spada of Cynagua Tournament
Investiture of the Lord and Lady of the Swan
Order of the Black Swan
Order of the Swan's Heart
The Torse Cynagua

Order of the Princess' Token
Order of the Prince's Token
Coronet's Favor, The
Pearls of the Court
Cynaguan Roll of Captains, The

Investiture of the Prince and Princess of Cynagua

Acknowledgement of the Title and Estate of a Viscount and/or Viscountess
Lord Defender of Cynagua
Investiture of the Prima Spada of Cynagua
Archery Champion of Cynagua

Ash Leaf, Order of the
Leaf of Merit, Order of the
Rose Leaf, Order of the
Award of Arms

The Black Swan's Archer
Black Wing, Order of the
Cambium, The
Circlet of Gallantry
Circlet of Honor
Copper Spoon, The Honor of the
Crusaders of Cynagua, The
Cygnet, The
Cynaguan Medal of Honor, The
Cynaguan Order of Grace, The
Cynaguan Quill, The
Den Grimme Aeling
Friendly Castle, Order of the
Gilded Swan, Order of the
Gladius Ater, Ordo
Hearthstone, The
Heart of the Black Swan (Au Coeur del le Cygne Noir)
Heart of the Princess
La Cortesia, Order of
Lumen Cynagua, The
Melan Pteron Cynagua
Ruxton Award, The
     July 2015 -- New Recipient
     January 2016 -- New Recipient
     July 2016 -- New Recipient
     March 2017 -- New Recipients
Scutiferus Cynaguae (Shieldbearer of Cynagua)
Solea Argentea

Changing of Office
Investiture of the Bard of Cynagua
     Order of the Winged Harp
Addition of Members to the Cynaguan Guard
Addition of Members to the Prince's Huscarls


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