West Kingdom Ceremony Book

NOTE: this page has links for the ceremonies for the Kingdom and each of the three Principalities of the West. See links below.

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Note that these were designed to be photocopied back-to-back, so you will find that there are a lot of pages that say "This page intentionally blank" or words to that effect -- this is so each ceremony begins on an odd numbered page.

This is the main Table of Contents for the Ceremony Book ...

Cover Pages/Cheat Sheets for Starting/Ending Court A Updated: February, 2008
(Main cover page for ceremony book, "Table of Contents" and a handy lookup for the starting and ending of court so you don't have to memorize it ...)

West Kingdom Ceremonies Updated: March, 2017
(Courts run by the King and Queen of the West)

Principality of the Mists Ceremonies Updated: May, 2016
(Courts run by the Prince and Princess of the Mists)

Principality of Cynagua Ceremonies Updated: March, 2017
(Courts run by the Prince and Princess of Cynagua)

Principality of Oertha Ceremonies Updated: January, 2016
(Courts run by the Prince and Princess of Oertha)

Appendices to the Ceremony Book Updated: April, 2015
(Articles of Interest to Court Heralds and New Peerage Packets ...)

For Peerage Ceremonies and For Coronation (incoming King and Queen's Oaths) Updated: November, 2011

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