How Do I Get On The Roster?

The purpose of this form is to allow you to send an email to the Vesper Principal Herald, requesting that you be placed on the Kingdom Heralds' Roster. It asks for some basic information ... If you believe you should be on the roster and are not, if you have a question about your status on the roster, or you are a new herald interested in being on the roster, please take a moment and fill this out. The Vesper Principal Herald will get back to you shortly.

NOTE: All items below are required -- if left blank this form will not be sent (you will see an error page explaining the problem) ...

Please give your SCA Name (if registered try to use the correct registered version).

Please give your 21st century (real-world) name.

If you do not provide a valid email address, Vesper cannot contact you if they have any questions ...

Please explain why you wish to be on the roster.
          I am the Herald (or deputy) for my Local Group.
          I was asked by a Herald to sign up.
          I want to help the Heralds officially.

Please check your entry, and then press the "Send Request" button below to send it, or use your "Back" button on your browser to return to previous screen ...