Royalty -- How the Awards Process Works

This page is for royalty (King and Queen, Prince and Princess, Baron and Baroness) who are new to the current Awards Process -- either brand new, never-reigned-before or Royalty who have not reigned since the current method of handling awards was created. It can also be a review for those who have not reigned for awhile ...

Before going too far, it is important to fill out the Regnum change web form, if You haven't:

Regnum Change -- this is on the West Kingdom website, and gets information to a lot of people that need it, including the Page.

There is an email address for the main royalty (King and Queen, etc.) that is used in many forms (including Court Reports, Award Recommendations, etc.) that forwards to your own email automatically. This means that every time we get new royalty we don't have to change this information in all the various forms and links.

This is a multi-step process, and while parts of it may seem redundant, the purpose is to help ensure that awards are not lost, or mis-attributed to another person, and so on. Part of the process is automated, but it all requires some human intervention.

So, here goes ...

Before Court

The royalty can help the heralds in several ways, before court, and preferably before the event.

The awards list itself is online (Awards List), and it helps if You can do a little checking of what awards an intended award recipient may have. Things to check for:

These guidelines are meant to help out everyone, especially the court herald (and in the long run the Golem Herald and the Kingdom Chronicler) ...

One further thing: You (or a trusted court member) should keep a copy of the list of awards that You give or plan to give. This will assist in the rest of the information given below, and also in case there are any issues or concerns with names, recipients, etc. This list should be held onto at least until after the awards list has been published online, and preferably longer in case of issues and accidents ...

After Court Is Over

  1. The Court Herald, or a Senior Herald at the event, compiles a list of awards given by the Royalty.
  2. The Court Herald (or some other herald, sometimes a Senior Herald, or a "Herald-in-Charge" at the event) goes to the Heralds' website, and enters awards into a web form. (Court Report -- please do not use this unless you are filling in the list yourself ... if so, please PLEASE read the instructions carefully!)
  3. The Court Report web page, when filled out properly, is then "submitted". This report sends an email message to a variety of people, including You, the herald who ran court, the herald who reported it (if not the same person), the Golem Herald, the Chronicler for the West Kingdom (to ensure the information makes it into The Page). The person filling this out can add other email addresses to the list if it is felt to be a good idea.
  4. Here's where YOUR PART comes in. Just a little more ...
  5. Once the Confirmation arrives (and not before), awards are entered into the Awards List Database. This is the official repository for the awards. At least once a month, usually more often, the West Kingdom Awards List website (West Kingdom Awards List) is updated. This is the real, honest to gawd official listing per the Laws of the West. At the same time, as a courtesy, the Kingdom Chronicler will also be putting the awards into the next issue of The Page.

How To Check For Accuracy

Often Royalty wish to check to see if all awards have been reported. This can be done in a variety of ways, some of which are a bit time consuming and difficult. (For example, you can look up each person you gave awards to individually ...) The simplest means of checking to see all awards that are officially reported as having been given by You (for Kings and Queens and Princes and Princesses, the Baronial lists don't have this option at this time), go to this page on the Awards List website: West Kingdom Royalty. Select the "Region" (West, Mists, etc.), and then find Your names and the Reign in question (recent reigns at the bottom of the list). There is a link for each reign that says "Awards Given". Click that. You will see a list of all awards that have been made official for Your Reign.

If You wish to correct this information in any way (missing data, wrong date(s), etc.) send an email to the Golem Herald.

Award Recommendations

As You will probably see, many Award Recommendations are sent to the current Royalty via web forms (there is one on the Heralds' site, as well as some other websites). The one difficulty is that these end up in Your email. If You decide for any reason not to act on a recommendation, the person who recommended the award may not know, and the recommendation usually does not get passed along to the next Royalty.

One way to resolve this issue is to print out the recommendations, and pass these along to Your successors, once You have them. This is not necessarily optimal, but it does pass the recommendations to someone else who then have the option of acting on them or not.

Considering Creating a New Award?

Before creating a new recognition (award), there are several things to consider.

First, and most importantly: You should ask Yourselves if the award is really necessary. This may sound like a specious question, but ... There are many awards at the various levels (Kingdom, Principality, Barony). What is unique about the award you are considering creating? Is it really going to benefit the Kingdom, Principality, or Barony in some way? Or is it going to end up being an award that is given once or twice and then never again, because no one knows what to do with it or why it should be given?

You may wish to go back over the awards currently available to You, and see if one of those will suit Your needs instead of creating a new recognition. The Kingdom and Principality ceremony books can be found here: West Kingdom Ceremony Book -- this includes lists of all awards that we have ceremonies for. You can also find lists of awards that You can grant on the Awards List site, and You can dig into the specific region (Kingdom, Principality, or Barony) for a breakdown there.

Please note that Kingdom Law requires that new awards be published online within 30 days, and in The Page within 60 days. Otherwise they are not "real" awards.

If You decide to go ahead, You need to work with the heralds, and if You want the award to be truly official, with Your Seneschal -- so the award ends up in the laws, and if there is a token -- Your Regalia officer. The heralds have to deal with the award in several ways:

  1. Name of the award and the Award Token (if any) -- how does the award name sound? How is it pronounced? What language is it (if not English)?
  2. Award List -- ranking (where does this recognition rank among the others)? The Awards List needs a description of the award as well -- what it is given for, etc.
  3. Is this recognition an award or an honor? An award is "forever", and "honor" is for the duration of the reign of the Royalty that gave it. Example: membership in the Queen's Guard is an honor, because once the King and Queen leave the thrones, the Queen's Guard is released, and members are no longer on the guard.
  4. Ceremony Creation -- the heralds will need to create a ceremony for the recognition.

As You can see, there is more to creating an award than might be obvious. But once again, before You start, seriously consider whether the award is even necessary.


If You have any questions, You can send them to the Golem Herald. The Golem Herald is Your Servant, and willing to assist in whatever way possible.

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