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Awards in the Barony of Selviergard

The lists of holders of awards was last updated: August 15, AS LII (2017).

This page of the West Kingdom web site awards list system is used to explain the various awards that are listed in the West Kingdom Awards List that may be given by The Baron and/or Baroness of Selviergard.

Descriptions of awards and tokens comes from a variety of sources, including but not limited to: The Laws of the Barony of Selviergard, the West Kingdom Ceremony Book, an article in the West Kingdom Herald's Handbook on Awards, Baronial websites, or heralds, etc.

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Order of the Claymore

This award is given for substantial contributions to the barony over an extended period of time. The token is a claymore pendant upon a ribbon, the color of which determines the nature of the contribution.

The black ribbon denotes awards for contributions to the combat activities, including marshalling and fighting, heavy and Rapier. The red ribbon, the color of blood, is for contributions of Service to the Barony. The gold ribbon is given for significant contributions to the arts in the barony.

Listing of all Members of the Order of the Claymore

Order of the Dirk

This award is for noticeable and ongoing service to the Barony, especially by youth or newcomers. It is not a "Youth Only" award, but a token of someone who is worthy of recognition, without regard to age.

The token has not yet been decided.

Listing of all Members of the Order of the Dirk

Order of the Sgain Dubh

This award is for being, like the Sgain Dubh itself, a Tool of last resort. While primarily a youth award, it is not restricted to youth. This is for the person who is doing a number of small things, without needing to be asked, when they need to be done.

The Token has not been decided yet.

Listing of all Members of the Order of the Sgain Dubh

Autocrat's Token
This award, which can be recieved many times, is given by the Baroness to those who have autocratted an event. The tokens are chosen by the Baroness. Listing of all Recipients of the Autocrat's Token

Order of the Forget-Me-Not
Given for?? Token?? Listing of all Members of the Order of the Forget-Me-Not

Consort of the Heavy Champion/Warlord of Selviergard Listing of all Current and Past Falcons of Selviergard

Heavy Weapons Champion / Warlord
As it says Listing of all Current and Past Heavy Weapons Champions / Warlords

Friends of Selviergard
As it says Listing of all Friends of Selviergard

Baroness' Rapier Champion
As it says Listing of all Current and Past Baroness' Rapier Champions

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