Awards and Honors

Awards in the Barony of Rivenoak

The lists of holders of awards was last updated: October 16, AS LII (2017).

This page of the West Kingdom web site awards list system is used to explain the various awards that are listed in the West Kingdom Awards List that may be given by The Baron and/or Baroness of Rivenoak.

Descriptions of awards and tokens comes from a variety of sources, including but not limited to: The Laws of the Barony of Rivenoak, the West Kingdom Ceremony Book, an article in the West Kingdom Herald's Handbook on Awards, Baronial websites, or heralds, etc.

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Order of Rivenoak
Service? Token? Listing of all Members of the Order of Rivenoak

Brute Squad
?? Baronial Guard? Listing of all Members of the Brute Squad

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