Awards and Honors

Winners of the Wreath of Athena

At every Crown Tournament event, individual artisans will be invited to display their Arts and Sciences projects; these projects need not be completed nor need they be accompanied by documentation. This display, hosted by the Arts and Sciences Minister, represents the work of populace members who are practicing the Arts and Sciences to the best of their ability.

The individual who prevails is given the "Wreath of Athena" which is a rosemary wreath decorated with purple and yellow ribbons, i.e. the colors of the Arts and Sciences Office. The victor of this popular polling will then be allowed to wear this wreath for the duration of the event and this honor will be recorded in the awards list.

Date This List Was Generated: January 15, AS LII (2018)

Anastasia Grindstead of Raven Oak (aka Anastasia of Rivenoak)     Oct 2, AS XLV (2010)     Titus & Arianwen (West)

Sorcha Fhionn inghean uí Ruairc (aka Sorcha Fhionn inghean ui Ruaire)     Mar 19, AS XLV (2011)     Jade & Catherine (West)

Theodora Groves (aka Theiadora Groves)     Jun 18, AS XLVI (2011)     Marc & Patricia (West)

Custódia de Montemor     Oct 1, AS XLVI (2011)     Rolf & Aurora (West)

Morgan Athenry (aka Coranna of Caven, Morgan Foxworthy)     Oct 13, AS XLVII (2012)     Roger & Zanobia (West)

Sorcha Fhionn inghean uí Ruairc (aka Sorcha Fhionn inghean ui Ruaire)     Mar 23, AS XLVII (2013)     Obadiah & Ascelin (West)

Micheila MacCallum (aka Michaela MacCollum, Mikaela McCullon, Mikaela of the Mists)     Jun 22, AS XLVIII (2013)     Thorfinn & Étaín (West)

Cyriac the Hunter     Mar 22, AS XLVIII (2014)     Thorfinn & Violante (West)

Edward le Kervere     Oct 4, AS XLIX (2014)     Mikolaj & Arianwen (West)

Farleigh de Gray (aka Farleigh nic Laurie, Farleigh Greyson, Farleigh Greyerbiehl)     Mar 28, AS XLIX (2015)     Miles & Æsa (West)

Hosokawa Yoshitatsu (aka Yoshi Shimizu, Yoshi Shimzu)     Jun 20, AS L (2015)     Hauoc & Mina (West)

Haley an Eich Gil (aka Haley Hrossmare, Seren Morgaen Cardiwen)     Oct 3, AS L (2015)     Miles & Ariela (West)

Eric von Steinhaus     Mar 26, AS L (2016)     Marc & Patricia (West)

Ellisif Gyðadottir (aka Ellisif Gydasdottir)     Jun 11, AS LI (2016)     Hans & Ivone (West)
Étaín du Pommier (aka Etaine die Verboten)     Jun 11, AS LI (2016)     Hans & Ivone (West)

Clarice Walker (aka Katherine of Danegeld Tor, Clarice Robinson, Katherine Robinson, Kathryn Robinson)     Oct 1, AS LI (2016)     Alfarr & Eilis (West)

Rauðhrefna Skeggadóttir (aka Rawthr-Hrefna Skeggadottir, Red)     Mar 25, AS LI (2017)     Roger & Zanobia (West)

Margaret Pye (aka Haley of Danegeld Tor)     Jun 24, AS LII (2017)     Miles & Ariela (West)

Aurelia de Montfort (aka Aurelia ferch Gwalchaved, Auree de Montfort, Aureelia ferch Gwalchaued)     Oct 14, AS LII (2017)     Heinrich & Annora (West)

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