Awards and Honors

Members of the Order of the Western Prima Spada

The Crown shall offer membership in the Order of the Western Prima Spada to the winner of the Annual Kingdom Rapier Championship to be held prior to 12th Night Coronation. Membership in this Order shall carry an Award of Arms if the new member is not already armigerous.

Date This List Was Generated: January 19, AS LII (2018)

Michael of Casteles Kepe (aka Michael of Castle Keep) (Western Prima Spada)     Jan 6, AS XLI (2007)     Uther & Kára (West)

Joseph Blayde (aka Blayde of the Black Tigers) (Western Prima Spada)     May 5, AS XLII (2007)     Uther & Kára (West)

Illadore de Bedagrayne (aka Illadore de Bedegrayne) (Western Prima Spada)     May 3, AS XLIII (2008)     Titus & Eilis (West)

David Twynham (Western Prima Spada)     May 9, AS XLIV (2009)     Alden & Constantina (West)

Lancelot Pavonine (aka Lancelot of Perry) (Western Prima Spada)     Mar 24, AS XLVII (2013)     Obadiah & Ascelin (West)

Tiberius Adams (aka Tiberius Addams) (Western Prima Spada)     Jan 4, AS XLVIII (2014)     Uther & Kára (West)

Jose Ramirez de Coronado (Western Prima Spada)     Oct 18, AS L (2015)     Miles & Ariela (West)

Dustin Thorn (aka Thoen Silverthorne of Silver Desert) (Western Prima Spada)     Jan 7, AS LI (2017)     Roger & Zanobia (West)

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