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Armigerous Groups

A group who either received an AoA or received an award called Armigerous Group (group being defined as more than one person acting as a single entity). (This stopped being given at some point in the West, although continued in An Tir ... eventually the West Kingdom created the Pillar of the West, which does not carry an Award of Arms.)

Date This List Was Generated: January 19, AS LII (2018)

University of Ithra (Armigerous Group)     Nov 26, AS XII (1977)     Paul & Carol (West)

Valfriborg (Group) (Armigerous Group)     May 13, AS XIII (1978)     Gregory & Bevin (West)

Madrone Culinary Guild (Group) (Armigerous Group)     Jan 13, AS XIII (1979)     Steven & Alyanora (West)

Crier, The (Group) (Armigerous Group)     May 17, AS XV (1980)     Strider & Kathryn (West)

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