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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Jade & Shaheena - From May 2, AS XXVII to Aug 22, AS XXVII

Last Updated: May 26, AS LI (2016)

Ysabeau of Guildemar (aka Isabeau of Guildemar)Duchess05/02/1992
Juturna di Parma (aka Juturna the Musical, Iuturna the Musical)Wooden Spoon05/02/1992
Stephen of BeckenhamQueen's Champion05/02/1992
Alden of WolvertonQueen's Guard05/02/1992
Brion of BellatrixQueen's Guard05/02/1992
Cornelius von BeckeQueen's Guard05/02/1992
Eric Ibrahim Mozarabe (aka Eric of Huntington, Eric Braheim Mozarab)Queen's Guard - Captain05/02/1992
Geoffrey Mathias (aka Jeffrey Mathias)Queen's Guard05/02/1992
Jedidiah LarkinQueen's Guard05/02/1992
Stefan of PembrokeQueen's Guard05/02/1992
Stephen of BeckenhamQueen's Guard - Knight Counselor05/02/1992
Targan de Montfort of Crystal Caverns (aka Targon de Montfort the Taciturn)Queen's Guard05/02/1992
Vladimir Ivanovich Kurgan (aka Vladimir Ivanovich Kurgan the Untrained,Yaguna Vladimiravich Kurgan the Untrained,Kurgan)Queen's Guard05/02/1992
Yrcun of Anglesea (aka Yazun of Anglesea, Yrkoon of Anglesea, Yyrkoon of Anglesea)Queen's Guard05/02/1992

Isabeau of the Wylde Woode (aka Isabeau of the Wilde Woode)Pelican05/09/1992
Alexous of UriBaroness05/09/1992
Wulfwine GrimwaldBaron05/09/1992

Cyneburh of Cantwaraburg (aka Cyneburh of Canterbury)Leaf of Merit06/15/1992
Reinmar Wolfmeier (aka Reinmar Wolfmeir, Reinmar Uulfholden, Reinmar Wolfskeeper)Leaf of Merit06/15/1992
Agar TollerbärAward of Arms06/15/1992
Lavinia Elizabeth LambertAward of Arms06/15/1992

Drew FortesquePelican06/20/1992
Wulfstan DarroldsonBaron06/20/1992
Elanor of Little Egypt (aka Eleanor of Little Egypt, Eleanor the Gypsy, Ellie the Gypsie)Award of Arms06/20/1992
Havordh Ćttarbani (aka Havorc Kinslayer)Award of Arms06/20/1992

Sebastian von BadenPelican06/21/1992
Elizabeth of the Blue Rose (aka Elizabeth of Hawks Haven)Grant of Arms06/21/1992
Wilhelm Zweikopfig Falke (aka Wilhelm von Zweikopfiegen Falke)Grant of Arms06/21/1992
Cynan an Math Mer (aka Caith Art Mire)Leaf of Merit06/21/1992
Geoffrey Mathias (aka Jeffrey Mathias)Rose Leaf06/21/1992
Hilarie the Puppeteer (aka Hilary the Puppeteer)Leaf of Merit06/21/1992
Juliana of TregonyRose Leaf06/21/1992
Karl the Meek and Mild (aka Beerslayer)Rose Leaf06/21/1992
Erzsébeta Magdaléna (aka Ríoghán Ó Maoileoin)Award of Arms06/21/1992
Hauoc Bender (aka Hauoc of House Bender, Hauoc Longstep, Hauoc Longstride, Hauoc von Kirstenherz)Award of Arms06/21/1992
Thor Stagge (aka Thorstag Hrothgarsen, Thorstag Modisen, Warren of Rivenoak)Award of Arms06/21/1992
Wander RiordanAward of Arms06/21/1992
Westley of Southwicke (aka Wesley of Smithwyck)Award of Arms06/21/1992
Artan macAilínCommendabilis06/21/1992
Aziza al-KashaniCommendabilis06/21/1992
Havordh Ćttarbani (aka Havorc Kinslayer)Wreath of Chivalry06/21/1992
Richard of GreyefalleWreath of Valor06/21/1992
Alfred of Carlyle (aka Christian Roguespur, Christopher Roguespur)Muckin' Great Clubbe06/21/1992
Cecelia Constanza de Castellón (aka Cecelia Constanza de Castellon)Pied d'Argent06/21/1992
Drew FortesquePied d'Argent06/21/1992
Martin Gray of Griff's HillPied d'Argent06/21/1992
Achmere ibn TamimDefender of the West06/21/1992
Kathryn Blackhart (aka Katherine Blackhart)Defender of the West06/21/1992

Alys Graye (aka Miranda Graye)Defender of the West07/01/1992

Anluan Trelaine (aka Trelaine of the Emerald Isle)Knight07/04/1992

Sebastian of Ventbarré (aka Sebastian of Vent Barre)Knight07/11/1992

Niamh nic CháirthinnAward of Arms07/18/1992

Ot GubaliRose Leaf/AA08/01/1992
Cormac WhitehartAward of Arms08/01/1992
Edward of WillowwoodAward of Arms08/01/1992
Tine the TerribleAward of Arms08/01/1992
William DragonhelmAward of Arms08/01/1992

Chryse RaptesPelican08/08/1992
Adela de Falaise (aka Adela de Failaise)Leaf of Merit/AA08/08/1992
Aldith LightwickeLeaf of Merit08/08/1992
Genevieve du BoisLeaf of Merit08/08/1992
Isolea di Bari (aka Isela de Bari, Isela di Bari)Leaf of Merit08/08/1992
JoDean of VioletteRose Leaf/AA08/08/1992
Kathryn Blackhart (aka Katherine Blackhart)Rose Leaf08/08/1992
Robert le Chien du BoisLeaf of Merit08/08/1992
Conall MacDesmond ui Niall (aka Conall ui-Raghailaigh)Award of Arms08/08/1992
Conrad aus CambraiAward of Arms08/08/1992
Erzsébeta Magdaléna (aka Ríoghán Ó Maoileoin)Award of Arms08/08/1992
Maria Auta Belladonna (aka Marie Atta Belladonna)Award of Arms08/08/1992
Marie ferch Cadfael (aka Marie ferch Cadael)Award of Arms08/08/1992
Olaf Oleson BjornAward of Arms08/08/1992
Rachel von OstlandAward of Arms08/08/1992
Sean Tracy of NewburyAward of Arms08/08/1992
Tamas MidianAward of Arms08/08/1992
Thomas MacCruitín (aka Thomas McCurtin)Award of Arms08/08/1992

Penelope o Súileabháin (aka Penelope of Sullivan)Pelican08/22/1992
Brion Thornbird ap Rhys (aka Brian Thornbird ap Rhys)Queen's Cypher08/22/1992
Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne (aka Eilis O'Boirne)Queen's Cypher08/22/1992
Elina of Beckenham (aka Elina Thrymsfostra)Queen's Cypher08/22/1992
Elspeth Penrheiner (aka Elspeth pen-Rhiner)Queen's Cypher08/22/1992
Eric Ibrahim Mozarabe (aka Eric of Huntington, Eric Braheim Mozarab)Queen's Cypher08/22/1992
Hirsch von HenfordQueen's Cypher08/22/1992
Jade of StarfallQueen's Cypher08/22/1992
Josselyn ferch Rhys (aka Jocylyn ap Rhys, Jocelyn ferch Rhys)Queen's Cypher08/22/1992
Lyonette du Soleil (aka Adriana FitzWilliam, Lyonnete la Rousse)Queen's Cypher08/22/1992
Martin Gray of Griff's HillQueen's Cypher08/22/1992
Siobhan of CloverdellQueen's Cypher08/22/1992
Stephen of BeckenhamQueen's Cypher08/22/1992
Brendan Shimmeringstar (aka Alanbane the Ranger)Defender of the West08/22/1992
Brocc of Alderden (aka Brocc of Alderun)Defender of the West08/22/1992

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