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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Jade & Amanda - From Aug 27, AS XXIII to Jan 7, AS XXIII

Last Updated: October 16, AS LII (2017)

Ysabeau of Guildemar (aka Isabeau of Guildemar)Countess08/27/1988
Ysabeau of Guildemar (aka Isabeau of Guildemar)Order of the Rose08/27/1988
Emmerich of Vakkerfjell (aka Kiest Zu Friest, Kiest Zutrick)Award of Arms08/27/1988
Stephen of BeckenhamSilver Mantle08/27/1988
Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne (aka Antadina Exeter du Nordlac)Wooden Spoon08/27/1988
Andrew Shay Forestborn (aka Andrei the Wanderer, William Shay Forestborn)Queen's Guard - Captain08/27/1988
Gareth of CrawfordQueen's Guard08/27/1988
Georg of Glacier's Edge (aka Georg von Schlagen)Queen's Guard08/27/1988
Khaalid al-Jaraad (aka Ambrose of Barduin)Queen's Guard08/27/1988
Theodrik of Skane (aka Theodric of Skane)Queen's Guard08/27/1988
Wulf Sagan von Osten-See (aka Sagen von Osten-See)Queen's Guard - Knight Counselor08/27/1988

Amaryllis del CorazonAward of Arms09/03/1988
Annora Marianna Francesca Moro di Castions di Zoppola (aka Annora Blethyn)Award of Arms09/03/1988

William of HoghtonDefender of the West09/24/1988

Khaalid al-Jaraad (aka Ambrose of Barduin)Knight10/01/1988
Erick BlackgateAward of Arms10/01/1988
Maryanne BlackgateAward of Arms10/01/1988
Melinda Cheval du FeuAward of Arms10/01/1988
Loryna GillanderCommendabilis10/01/1988
Sionnaich Creag (aka Corlaine of the Crags)Commendabilis10/01/1988
Martin Gray of Griff's HillQueen's Order of Grace10/01/1988
Vlasta von der Weissen Sonne (aka Vlasta Ulvaeüs of the Wildhair)Wreath of Valor10/01/1988

Gregory of Grand SeaWooden Spoon10/02/1988
Margrethe Astrid RavnPied d'Argent10/02/1988

Kira Leonovna ZemnodushinaAward of Arms10/22/1988

Lauren GreyBaroness11/19/1988
Kara of Golden RiversAward of Arms11/19/1988
Torrance Cue Na OchieAward of Arms11/19/1988
Frederick of HollandDefender of the West11/19/1988
Geoffrey of GriffinholdDefender of the West11/19/1988
Farin of Ravberg (aka Farin of Rauberg)Queen's Guard11/19/1988
John Theophilus (aka John the Boftist)Queen's Guard11/19/1988
Martin Gray of Griff's HillQueen's Guard11/19/1988

Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne (aka Eilis O'Boirne)Laurel01/07/1989
Alwyn StewartGrant of Arms01/07/1989
Therasia von Tux (aka Theresia von Tux)Grant of Arms01/07/1989
Aldric Haldane of GriswoldLeaf of Merit01/07/1989
Anastasia Dmitryevna (aka Anastasia Temparia Dmitrynevna, Temparia Dmitrynevna, Temparia Moonstar)Rose Leaf01/07/1989
Genevieve EmrysLeaf of Merit01/07/1989
Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada (aka Rhiannon ny Diarmud, Rhiannon ni Diarmud)Rose Leaf01/07/1989
Vittoria del Fiore (aka Vitoria de Fiore)Rose Leaf01/07/1989
Krystyana of Dragon RunBaroness01/07/1989
Alrikr af Stjarnaheimi (aka Alrikr Stjarnheim, Alfrikir af Stjarnaheim, Alfrikr of Fettburg)Award of Arms01/07/1989
Alysia Lianna of GreenhavenAward of Arms01/07/1989
Andrew Silverhill (aka Douglas Andrews of Berwick)Award of Arms01/07/1989
Callum of Glen Albyn (aka Calum o'Glen Albyn)Award of Arms01/07/1989
Dughall MacDhomhuill of Cathanar (aka Dughall of Cathanar, Dougal MacConnal, Blackwolf)Award of Arms01/07/1989
Eleanor MabilleAward of Arms01/07/1989
Emrys Llewellyn (aka Emrys of Llewelyn, Emrys of Windymeads)Award of Arms01/07/1989
Hector MacDougal (Hector McDougal)Award of Arms01/07/1989
Jevon FairbairnAward of Arms01/07/1989
Sebastien Mabille (aka Sebastian Mabille)Award of Arms01/07/1989
Sigurd FeomarAward of Arms01/07/1989
Theodosia of GoldenvaleAward of Arms01/07/1989
Caitlin de CourcySilver Nib01/07/1989
Caitlin ni hArrachtain (aka Caitlin O'hArrachtain, Caitlin O'Harrigan or O'Harrachtain)Silver Nib01/07/1989
Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne (aka Eilis O'Boirne)Silver Nib01/07/1989
Frae Fitzalleyne (aka Giles de Roet, Giles Laval)Silver Nib01/07/1989
Giles de RoetSilver Nib01/07/1989
Aelf of King's Crossing (aka Eric of King's Crossing/Island)Queen's Cypher01/07/1989
Anastacia of Starfall (aka Anastasia of Starfall)Queen's Cypher01/07/1989
Andrew Shay Forestborn (aka Andrei the Wanderer, William Shay Forestborn)Queen's Cypher01/07/1989
Annora Marianna Francesca Moro di Castions di Zoppola (aka Annora Blethyn)Queen's Cypher01/07/1989
Arron Renyard (aka Aaron Reynard)Queen's Cypher01/07/1989
Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne (aka Eilis O'Boirne)Queen's Cypher01/07/1989
Elizabeth DevonQueen's Cypher01/07/1989
Ella du VergneQueen's Cypher01/07/1989
Etienne d'ArgentQueen's Cypher01/07/1989
Frederick of HollandQueen's Cypher01/07/1989
Halima de la Lucha (aka Halima de la Luz)Queen's Cypher01/07/1989
Krystyana of Dragon RunQueen's Cypher01/07/1989
Martin Gray of Griff's HillQueen's Cypher01/07/1989
Pasgen ap RhysQueen's Cypher01/07/1989
Sely Brianna Sutherland (aka Seelie Brianna Sutherland)Queen's Cypher01/07/1989
Aislinn Gildara BreemoreDefender of the West01/07/1989
Brandon MacLannom (aka Brandon MacLennom, Brandon MacLennon)Defender of the West01/07/1989
Stephan the PensiveDefender of the West01/07/1989
Rot Mahne, Tribe (Group) (#3)Pillar of the West01/07/1989

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