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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Jade & Amanda - From Aug 27, AS XXIII to Jan 7, AS XXIII

Last Updated: December 15, AS LII (2017)

08/27/1988 (Saturday) -- Purgatorio Coronation
   Ysabeau of Guildemar (aka Isabeau of Guildemar)Countess
   Ysabeau of Guildemar (aka Isabeau of Guildemar)Order of the Rose
   Emmerich of Vakkerfjell (aka Kiest Zu Friest, Kiest Zutrick)Award of Arms
   Stephen of BeckenhamSilver Mantle
   Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne (aka Antadina Exeter du Nordlac)Wooden Spoon
   Andrew Shay Forestborn (aka Andrei the Wanderer, William Shay Forestborn)Queen's Guard - Captain
   Gareth of CrawfordQueen's Guard
   Georg of Glacier's Edge (aka Georg von Schlagen)Queen's Guard
   Khaalid al-Jaraad (aka Ambrose of Barduin)Queen's Guard
   Theodrik of Skane (aka Theodric of Skane)Queen's Guard
   Wulf Sagan von Osten-See (aka Sagen von Osten-See)Queen's Guard - Knight Counselor

09/03/1988 (Saturday) -- Ducal Prize Tournament
   Amaryllis del CorazonAward of Arms
   Annora Marianna Francesca Moro di Castions di Zoppola (aka Annora Blethyn)Award of Arms

09/17/1988 (Saturday) -- Mists Coronet Tournament
   Arius Helmcleaver (aka Arias Helmcleaver)Queen's Guard

09/24/1988 (Saturday) -- (Unknown)
   William of HoghtonDefender of the West

10/01/1988 (Saturday) -- October Crown Tournament
   Khaalid al-Jaraad (aka Ambrose of Barduin)Knight
   Erick BlackgateAward of Arms
   Maryanne BlackgateAward of Arms
   Melinda Cheval du FeuAward of Arms
   Loryna GillanderCommendabilis
   Sionnaich Creag (aka Corlaine of the Crags)Commendabilis
   Martin Gray of Griff's HillQueen's Order of Grace
   Vlasta von der Weissen Sonne (aka Vlasta Ulvaeüs of the Wildhair)Wreath of Valor

10/02/1988 (Sunday) -- October Crown Tournament
   Gregory of Grand SeaWooden Spoon
   Margrethe Astrid RavnPied d'Argent

10/22/1988 (Saturday) -- Vinhold All Hallows Eve Banquet
   Kira Leonovna ZemnodushinaAward of Arms

11/19/1988 (Saturday) -- Mists Investiture
   Lauren GreyBaroness
   Kara of Golden RiversAward of Arms
   Torrance Cue Na OchieAward of Arms
   Frederick of HollandDefender of the West
   Geoffrey of GriffinholdDefender of the West
   Farin of Ravberg (aka Farin of Rauberg)Queen's Guard
   John Theophilus (aka John the Boftist)Queen's Guard
   Martin Gray of Griff's HillQueen's Guard

01/07/1989 (Saturday) -- Lochac Twelfth Night
   Vittoria del Fiore (aka Vitoria de Fiore)Rose Leaf
   Caitlin de CourcySilver Nib
   Frae Fitzalleyne (aka Giles de Roet, Giles Laval)Silver Nib

01/07/1989 (Saturday) -- Twelfth Night Coronation
   Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne (aka Eilis O'Boirne)Laurel
   Alwyn StewartGrant of Arms
   Therasia von Tux (aka Theresia von Tux)Grant of Arms
   Aldric Haldane of GriswoldLeaf of Merit
   Anastasia Dmitryevna (aka Anastasia Temparia Dmitrynevna, Temparia Dmitrynevna, Temparia Moonstar)Rose Leaf
   Genevieve EmrysLeaf of Merit
   Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada (aka Rhiannon ny Diarmud, Rhiannon ni Diarmud)Rose Leaf
   Krystyana of Dragon RunBaroness
   Alrikr af Stjarnaheimi (aka Alrikr Stjarnheim, Alfrikir af Stjarnaheim, Alfrikr of Fettburg)Award of Arms
   Alysia Lianna of GreenhavenAward of Arms
   Andrew Silverhill (aka Douglas Andrews of Berwick)Award of Arms
   Callum of Glen Albyn (aka Calum o'Glen Albyn)Award of Arms
   Dughall MacDhomhuill of Cathanar (aka Dughall of Cathanar, Dougal MacConnal, Blackwolf)Award of Arms
   Eleanor MabilleAward of Arms
   Emrys Llewellyn (aka Emrys of Llewelyn, Emrys of Windymeads)Award of Arms
   Hector MacDougal (Hector McDougal)Award of Arms
   Jevon FairbairnAward of Arms
   Sebastien Mabille (aka Sebastian Mabille)Award of Arms
   Sigurd FeomarAward of Arms
   Theodosia of GoldenvaleAward of Arms
   Caitlin ni hArrachtain (aka Caitlin O'hArrachtain, Caitlin O'Harrigan or O'Harrachtain)Silver Nib
   Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne (aka Eilis O'Boirne)Silver Nib
   Giles de RoetSilver Nib
   Aelf of King's Crossing (aka Eric of King's Crossing/Island)Queen's Cypher
   Anastacia of Starfall (aka Anastasia of Starfall)Queen's Cypher
   Andrew Shay Forestborn (aka Andrei the Wanderer, William Shay Forestborn)Queen's Cypher
   Annora Marianna Francesca Moro di Castions di Zoppola (aka Annora Blethyn)Queen's Cypher
   Arron Renyard (aka Aaron Reynard)Queen's Cypher
   Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne (aka Eilis O'Boirne)Queen's Cypher
   Elizabeth DevonQueen's Cypher
   Ella du VergneQueen's Cypher
   Etienne d'ArgentQueen's Cypher
   Frederick of HollandQueen's Cypher
   Halima de la Lucha (aka Halima de la Luz)Queen's Cypher
   Krystyana of Dragon RunQueen's Cypher
   Martin Gray of Griff's HillQueen's Cypher
   Pasgen ap RhysQueen's Cypher
   Sely Brianna Sutherland (aka Seelie Brianna Sutherland)Queen's Cypher
   Aislinn Gildara BreemoreDefender of the West
   Brandon MacLannom (aka Brandon MacLennom, Brandon MacLennon)Defender of the West
   Stephan the PensiveDefender of the West
   Rot Mahne, Tribe (Group) (#3)Pillar of the West

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