Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

James & Verena - From May 8, AS XVII to Aug 21, AS XVII

Last Updated: December 15, AS LII (2017)

05/08/1982 (Saturday) -- Beltane Coronation
   Käthe Willig von Mainz (aka Kathe von Munchausen-Trimara)Pelican
   Maythen Gervaise (aka Maythen of Elfhaven)Pelican
   Merewyn de LyonessePelican
   Gaius Marcellus Liberius Auklandus (aka Cai de Lyon, Gaius Marcellus Libris Auklandis)Rose Leaf
   Tamsin of the Raven TressesLeaf of Merit
   Ann de Phlanges SanctosAward of Arms
   Radnor of GuildemarQueen's Champion

05/09/1982 (Sunday) -- Beltane Coronation
   Daffyd ap MorranLeaf of Merit

05/16/1982 (Sunday) -- West / Caid War
   Aonghais Dubh MacTarbhLeaf of Merit
   Karolyn Johnston of Lindley (aka Caroline Johnston of Lindley)Leaf of Merit
   Stuart of LindleyLeaf of Merit
   Achmere ibn TamimAward of Arms
   Helena SchwartzerDracheAward of Arms
   Kathryn Blackhart (aka Katherine Blackhart)Award of Arms
   Labraid of Ruath ManannenAward of Arms
   Aonghais Dubh MacTarbhOrder of Valor
   Brandon D'ArindelOrder of Valor

05/22/1982 (Saturday) -- St. David Protectorate Tourney
   Aoibheann Caoilfhionn Aine O'Ceallaigh (aka Aiobheann O'Ceallaigh, Trica O'Cealleagh)Award of Arms

06/20/1982 (Sunday) -- June Crown Tournament
   Geoffrey of GriffinholdKnight
   Brandon D'ArindelQueen's Order of Grace
   Gaius Marcellus Liberius Auklandus (aka Cai de Lyon, Gaius Marcellus Libris Auklandis)Queen's Order of Grace
   Andrea of Clear MountMuckin' Great Clubbe
   Anna von SchonburgArachne's Web
   Branwyn Guilford (aka Brandewynne Guilford)Arachne's Web

07/17/1982 (Saturday) -- Cynagua Investiture
   Eric von SteinhausKnight

08/13/1982 (Friday) -- Eskalya War of the Name
   Aryana Silknfyre (aka Arianna Silkenfyre)Laurel

08/21/1982 (Saturday) -- Purgatorio Coronation
   Cliveden de CheuxPelican
   Eriod of EirePelican
   Llerrett de GranadaPelican
   Mariposa de los MontoyasGrant of Arms
   Berengaria of HytheRose Leaf
   Matsumori Naosuki (aka Ijetsu Toronaga)Leaf of Merit/Award of Arms
   Adrian of LongacreAward of Arms
   Athena Catarina of WindcrestAward of Arms
   Eric Lyon of St. Michael's (aka Eric Ybbrador av Hvit)Award of Arms
   Eric Yebrador ar HrotAward of Arms
   Hanor Blackwolf (aka Hannor Blackwolf)Award of Arms
   Wolfram FlammenherzAward of Arms
   Ana MoonstarQueen's Cypher
   Ann de Phlanges SanctosQueen's Cypher
   Beorn the Pagan (Bjorn the Pagan)Queen's Cypher
   Keara an AkbarQueen's Cypher
   Malwhyn ap Greymalkin (aka Malwyn)Queen's Cypher
   Merewyn de LyonesseQueen's Cypher

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