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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Radnor & Esmirelda - From Jan 2, AS XVI to May 8, AS XVII

Last Updated: December 15, AS LII (2017)

01/09/1982 (Saturday) -- Twelfth Night Coronation
   Steingrim Stallari (aka Steingrim Wulfharesson Stallari, Steingrim Wulfharesson)Duke
   Lenora di Felicie (aka Lenore di Felicie, Lenora, Lenore)Countess
   Lenora di Felicie (aka Lenore di Felicie, Lenora, Lenore)Order of the Rose
   David of Moffat (aka David Electrum)Award of Arms
   Sorren of MishamAward of Arms
   Walter of the GrovesAward of Arms
   Scellanus of SkyeQueen's Order of Grace
   Edward of South-Haven (aka Edward of South-Haven the Ambiguous)Silver Molet
   Mark von dem FalkensfennSilver Molet
   Raven Acshild of StarsendWooden Spoon
   Aislinn of CumbriaQueen's Cypher
   Asahla Telerion (aka Ashala Telerion)Queen's Cypher

01/23/1982 (Saturday) -- Oertha Lord Defender's Tournament
   Aryana Silknfyre (aka Arianna Silkenfyre)Leaf of Merit
   Aryana Silknfyre (aka Arianna Silkenfyre)Rose Leaf
   Fyodor the Friendly (aka Fyodor Feather-Fluffer)Leaf of Merit/Award of Arms
   Wolf FederweißLeaf of Merit
   Adam ElfchaserAward of Arms
   Bernadette de FaireskiieAward of Arms
   Leandra FeatheringillAward of Arms
   Tachibana KageAward of Arms
   Flynx van Halen (aka Phillip of Lynx Mountain)Queen's Order of Grace

03/01/1982 (Monday) -- (Unknown)
   James GreyhelmOrder of Valor

03/01/1982 (Monday) -- (Unknown)
   Stephen of BeckenhamOld Battered Helm

03/01/1982 (Monday) -- (Unknown)
   Maythen Gervaise (aka Maythen of Elfhaven)Order of Valor

03/01/1982 (Monday) -- (Unknown)
   Alfric Favnesbane (aka Alfrik Favnesbane)Order of Valor

03/20/1982 (Saturday) -- March Crown Tournament
   Gregory Falconheart (aka Gregory Falconheart, the Cloudwatcher)Award of Arms
   Phillip Harlech of ExeterAward of Arms
   Rolf the RelentlessOrder of Valor
   Linda of CollinswoodWooden Spoon

03/27/1982 (Saturday) -- Mists Coronet Tournament
   Sophie Xylander (aka Sophie Xylander von Augsberg, Brighid ni Roane, Brighid Ni Reáne, Sariya al Mus'ad)Baroness
   Stephen of BeckenhamBaron

05/01/1982 (Saturday) -- Mists Investiture
   Ella du VergneRose Leaf
   Garin de GramercyAward of Arms

05/08/1982 (Saturday) -- Beltane Coronation
   Greid of the WastesLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms
   Dierdriana of the Misty IslesQueen's Cypher
   Gerhardt von NordflammenQueen's Cypher
   Merewyn de LyonesseQueen's Cypher
   Radnor of GuildemarQueen's Cypher
   Tamsin of the Raven TressesQueen's Cypher

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