Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Andrew & Patrice - From May 3, AS X to Aug 2, AS X

Last Updated: December 14, AS LII (2017)

05/03/1975 (Saturday) -- Beltane Coronation
   John of MorrisKnight
   Einar aus EnweltOld Battered Helm

05/04/1975 (Sunday) -- Beltane Coronation
   Patricia of RoscommonLeaf of Merit
   Paul of BellatrixQueen's Favor

06/01/1975 (Sunday) -- (Unknown)
   Olaf the Maedi-OgreQueen's Cypher

06/07/1975 (Saturday) -- Caid The Princess’ Own Coronetting Tourney
   Thomas the MercilessKnight

06/21/1975 (Saturday) -- Midsummer Crown Tourney
   Edward Zifran of Gendy (the Bastard) (aka Edward the Bastard)Knight
   Iain of CawdorKnight
   Paul of BellatrixPelican
   Siegfried von HoflichskeitPelican
   William of York (aka William Gordon of York)Laurel
   Amanda of CawdorLeaf of Merit
   Aurelia de la LicorneLeaf of Merit
   Daniel the Bard (aka Donal the Bard)Leaf of Merit
   Elaine of GadLeaf of Merit
   Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (aka Bjo of Griffin)Leaf of Merit
   Gwendolyn of the ThistleLeaf of Merit
   Iain of CawdorLeaf of Merit
   Johann Heinrich Michael Siemon von WernigerodeLeaf of Merit
   John ap GriffinLeaf of Merit
   William of GadLeaf of Merit
   Catherine Ravn (aka Katrina Ravn)Award of Arms
   Dorothy of Mossy Dell FiefAward of Arms
   Maelgwyn de LyonesseAward of Arms
   Merewyn de LyonesseAward of Arms
   Samuel of Mossy Dell FiefAward of Arms
   Morven of CarrickQueen's Order of Grace
   Sarah of SouthdownsQueen's Order of Grace
   William the LuckyMuckin' Great Clubbe
   Sumer Redmaene (aka Ardys an Dearg)Wooden Spoon

06/22/1975 (Sunday) -- (Unknown)
   Louise of WoodsholmePelican

06/28/1975 (Saturday) -- An Tir Coronet Tournament
   Abra the TraderLaurel
   Elrond of Gornoth (aka Elrond Blacksabre, Elrond of Gornath)Knight

07/06/1975 (Sunday) -- (Unknown)
   Catherine Winifred of Tor BitterrootAward of Arms

07/06/1975 (Sunday) -- (Unknown)
   Styrbjorn HrolfssonAward of Arms

07/06/1975 (Sunday) -- (Unknown)
   Thorgeirr EikinskjoldAward of Arms

07/06/1975 (Sunday) -- (Unknown)
   James the DancerAward of Arms

07/21/1975 (Monday) -- (Unknown)
   Kerrinda of KymryAward of Arms

07/26/1975 (Saturday) -- Mists Arabian Nights Feast
   Alyanora of VincaAward of Arms

08/02/1975 (Saturday) -- Purgatorio Coronation
   Alice of BriarbrookPelican
   Bevin Fraser of SterlingLaurel
   Jean Paul MonraithLaurel
   Johann Heinrich Michael Siemon von WernigerodeLaurel
   Josquin du Bois VertLaurel
   Piers Howells de CambriaLaurel
   Terrence of HallidayKnight
   Tyra Stewart of MorayLaurel
   Ximena Aubel de CambriaLaurel
   Wilhelm von SchlüsselGrant of Arms
   Matriana du Cameliard (aka Matriona du Cameliard)Leaf of Merit
   Aaron the Mighty (aka Aaron of Toad Hall, Aaron the Strong, Aaron of Bufo)Award of Arms
   Colin of Duntamknackan (aka Eoin Colin MacKenzie)Award of Arms
   Grey Colin of the AxeAward of Arms
   Sterling of Toad Hall (aka Sterling of Bufo, Sterling Beast Tamer)Award of Arms
   Valency QuicksilverAward of Arms
   Bern BellowerQueen's Cypher
   Carol of BellatrixQueen's Cypher
   Martin the TemperateQueen's Cypher
   Orric von der Gelbe Sporn (aka Orric of the Spur, Orric the Moody)Queen's Cypher

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