Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Andrew & Patrice - From May 3, AS X to Aug 2, AS X

Last Updated: October 16, AS LII (2017)

John of MorrisKnight05/03/1975
Einar aus EnweltOld Battered Helm05/03/1975

Patricia of RoscommonLeaf of Merit05/04/1975
Paul of BellatrixQueen's Favor05/04/1975

Olaf the Maedi-OgreQueen's Cypher06/01/1975

Thomas the MercilessKnight06/07/1975

Edward Zifran of Gendy (the Bastard) (aka Edward the Bastard)Knight06/21/1975
Iain of CawdorKnight06/21/1975
Paul of BellatrixPelican06/21/1975
Siegfried von HoflichskeitPelican06/21/1975
William of York (aka William Gordon of York)Laurel06/21/1975
Amanda of CawdorLeaf of Merit06/21/1975
Aurelia de la LicorneLeaf of Merit06/21/1975
Daniel the Bard (aka Donal the Bard)Leaf of Merit06/21/1975
Elaine of GadLeaf of Merit06/21/1975
Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (aka Bjo of Griffin)Leaf of Merit06/21/1975
Gwendolyn of the ThistleLeaf of Merit06/21/1975
Iain of CawdorLeaf of Merit06/21/1975
Johann Heinrich Michael Siemon von WernigerodeLeaf of Merit06/21/1975
John ap GriffinLeaf of Merit06/21/1975
William of GadLeaf of Merit06/21/1975
Catherine Ravn (aka Katrina Ravn)Award of Arms06/21/1975
Dorothy of Mossy Dell FiefAward of Arms06/21/1975
Maelgwyn de LyonesseAward of Arms06/21/1975
Merewyn de LyonesseAward of Arms06/21/1975
Samuel of Mossy Dell FiefAward of Arms06/21/1975
Morven of CarrickQueen's Order of Grace06/21/1975
Sarah of SouthdownsQueen's Order of Grace06/21/1975
William the LuckyMuckin' Great Clubbe06/21/1975
Sumer Redmaene (aka Ardys an Dearg)Wooden Spoon06/21/1975

Louise of WoodsholmePelican06/22/1975

Abra the TraderLaurel06/28/1975
Elrond of Gornoth (aka Elrond Blacksabre, Elrond of Gornath)Knight06/28/1975

Catherine Winifred of Tor BitterrootAward of Arms07/06/1975
James the DancerAward of Arms07/06/1975
Styrbjorn HrolfssonAward of Arms07/06/1975
Thorgeirr EikinskjoldAward of Arms07/06/1975

Kerrinda of KymryAward of Arms07/21/1975

Alyanora of VincaAward of Arms07/26/1975

Alice of BriarbrookPelican08/02/1975
Bevin Fraser of SterlingLaurel08/02/1975
Jean Paul MonraithLaurel08/02/1975
Johann Heinrich Michael Siemon von WernigerodeLaurel08/02/1975
Josquin du Bois VertLaurel08/02/1975
Piers Howells de CambriaLaurel08/02/1975
Terrence of HallidayKnight08/02/1975
Tyra Stewart of MorayLaurel08/02/1975
Ximena Aubel de CambriaLaurel08/02/1975
Wilhelm von SchlüsselGrant of Arms08/02/1975
Matriana du Cameliard (aka Matriona du Cameliard)Leaf of Merit08/02/1975
Aaron the Mighty (aka Aaron of Toad Hall, Aaron the Strong, Aaron of Bufo)Award of Arms08/02/1975
Colin of Duntamknackan (aka Eoin Colin MacKenzie)Award of Arms08/02/1975
Grey Colin of the AxeAward of Arms08/02/1975
Sterling of Toad Hall (aka Sterling of Bufo, Sterling Beast Tamer)Award of Arms08/02/1975
Valency QuicksilverAward of Arms08/02/1975
Bern BellowerQueen's Cypher08/02/1975
Carol of BellatrixQueen's Cypher08/02/1975
Martin the TemperateQueen's Cypher08/02/1975
Orric von der Gelbe Sporn (aka Orric of the Spur, Orric the Moody)Queen's Cypher08/02/1975

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