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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Douglas & Lorna - From Aug 2, AS X to Jan 10, AS X

Last Updated: September 1, AS L (2015)

Andrew of RigaDuke08/02/1975
Patrice d'Cilla (aka Greylin d'Cilla)Countess08/02/1975
Patrice d'Cilla (aka Greylin d'Cilla)Order of the Rose08/02/1975
James GreyhelmWreath of Chivalry08/02/1975
Paul of BellatrixWreath of Valor08/02/1975
Morven of CarrickOld Battered Helm08/02/1975
Christopher of HoghtonQueen's Guard08/02/1975
Craig of the ChambersQueen's Guard08/02/1975
Cuillean Lodbrog HoundstoothQueen's Guard08/02/1975
Lorin sur la RocheQueen's Guard08/02/1975
Martin the TemperateQueen's Guard08/02/1975
Olaf the Maedi-OgreQueen's Guard08/02/1975
Rand of DunbarQueen's Guard - Captain08/02/1975
Richard of HavnQueen's Guard08/02/1975
Trude LacklandiaQueen's Guard08/02/1975

Paul of BellatrixQueen's Favor08/03/1975

Caitlin na DaracAward of Arms08/22/1975

Jon TrimaraAward of Arms09/13/1975
Joscelyn Fitzharry of Gillyflower (aka Joscelyn Elspeth Fitzharry of Gillyflower)Award of Arms09/13/1975
Sine NicChluarainAward of Arms09/13/1975

Rand of DunbarKnight09/27/1975
Arabella Lyon de Rohese (Arabella Rohnesse de Lyonesse)Leaf of Merit09/27/1975
James GreyhelmLeaf of Merit09/27/1975
Verena of LaurelinLeaf of Merit09/27/1975
April Alys O'Dale (aka April of the Dales)Award of Arms09/27/1975
Donn an BronachAward of Arms09/27/1975
Katherine of SheppyAward of Arms09/27/1975
Mouice Negra (aka Maurice Negri-Kahn)Award of Arms09/27/1975
Rondal Negri-KahnAward of Arms09/27/1975
Christopher of HoghtonMuckin' Great Clubbe09/27/1975

Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (aka Bjo of Griffin)Laurel09/28/1975
Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (aka Bjo of Griffin)Pelican09/28/1975
Linda-Muirreal von KatzenbrasseLaurel09/28/1975
Linda-Muirreal von KatzenbrassePelican09/28/1975
Morven of CarrickKnight09/28/1975
Trude LacklandiaLaurel09/28/1975
Henrik of Havn (aka Henrik the Dane)Leaf of Merit09/28/1975
Aja du Jardin (aka Aja da Varese, Hallgerd Egilsdottir)Award of Arms09/28/1975
Frances of Dragon's ForgeAward of Arms09/28/1975
Natalya de Foix (aka Fiona Gregorovna, Fiona MacGregor, Natalya Gregor of Shadowhyrst)Queen's Order of Grace09/28/1975
Annette of Faire MonteWooden Spoon09/28/1975

Gerhard Kendal of WestmorelandLeaf of Merit10/18/1975
Gerhard Kendal of WestmorelandBaron/AA10/18/1975
Judith bat Avram of YorkAward of Arms10/18/1975
Maria MindalovaAward of Arms10/18/1975
Michael of DragonswoodAward of Arms10/18/1975
Rebekah of Madrone (aka Rebekah)Award of Arms10/18/1975
Susan the OpaqueAward of Arms10/18/1975
Ulfheğinn inn Vegfarandi (aka Ulfheğinn inn vegfarandi, Ulfhedinn inn Vegfarandi)Award of Arms10/18/1975

Francesca the BemusedLeaf of Merit11/01/1975

Martin the TemperateKnight11/22/1975
Alewaülfe the RedAward of Arms11/22/1975
Angelique du ValAward of Arms11/22/1975
Cristobal degli Glicine che Mangia UomeAward of Arms11/22/1975
Gabrielle nicChlurain (aka Gabrielle Nicole Deveraux nicChlurain)Award of Arms11/22/1975
Guillym Avery of RoyseAward of Arms11/22/1975
Lavendar of LorneAward of Arms11/22/1975
Maria Alysaundre de RoheseAward of Arms11/22/1975
Robert Godwin of MarkmoorAward of Arms11/22/1975
Rupert Fairchilde MacChlurainAward of Arms11/22/1975
Tober ThorvaldAward of Arms11/22/1975

Rand of DunbarQueen's Cypher01/04/1976

Anne of CaerdyddLaurel01/10/1976
Aurelia de la LicorneLaurel01/10/1976
Carol of BellatrixPelican01/10/1976
Krzysztof z LublinaLaurel01/10/1976
Michaela de NeuvilleLaurel01/10/1976
Robin DevilmarkPelican01/10/1976
Sumer Redmaene (aka Ardys an Dearg)Pelican01/10/1976
Sumingo of Amaranth (aka Sumengo of Amaranth)Pelican01/10/1976
Theodulf of BorogroveLaurel01/10/1976
Conrad von RegensburgGrant of Arms01/10/1976
Avram of MerciaLeaf of Merit/AA01/10/1976
Donn an BronachLeaf of Merit01/10/1976
Cuillean Lodbrog HoundstoothAward of Arms01/10/1976
Guinevere de Bremble (aka Guinevere Elspeth Malyn)Award of Arms01/10/1976
Luise ChailleAward of Arms01/10/1976
Mary Collen of EaglemontAward of Arms01/10/1976
Natalya de Foix (aka Fiona Gregorovna, Fiona MacGregor, Natalya Gregor of Shadowhyrst)Award of Arms01/10/1976
Nathan der SängerAward of Arms01/10/1976
Christopher of HoghtonQueen's Order of Grace01/10/1976
Jessica Llyrindi of NorthmarchQueen's Cypher01/10/1976
Matriana du Cameliard (aka Matriona ...)Queen's Cypher01/10/1976
Raymond [of the Mists]Queen's Cypher01/10/1976

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