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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Douglas & Lorna - From Aug 3, AS IX to Jan 4, AS IX

Last Updated: December 14, AS LII (2017)

08/03/1974 (Saturday) -- Purgatorio Coronation
   Donna of Willowwood (aka Donna of Rollingwood)Countess
   William of HoghtonCount
   Donna of Willowwood (aka Donna of Rollingwood)Order of the Rose

08/04/1974 (Sunday) -- Purgatorio Coronation
   Amanda of CawdorQueen's Order of Grace
   Mark von dem FalkensfennWreath of Valor
   Raymond the MildWreath of Chivalry
   Verena of LaurelinWooden Spoon
   Steven MacEanruigQueen's Favor

09/07/1974 (Saturday) -- An Tir Whalemass Coronet Tournament
   Anne of CaerdyddAward of Arms
   Duncan of ChisholmAward of Arms
   Gilraen of RegenAward of Arms
   Stevanna of HoughtonAward of Arms
   Truedana of the Bells (aka Trudeanna of the Belfry)Award of Arms
   Theodulf of BorogroveQueen's Order of Grace

09/08/1974 (Sunday) -- (Unknown)
   Audun the Red (aka Audin Ulfsson the Red, Odin Ulfsson)Knight

09/21/1974 (Saturday) -- Autumn Crown Tournament
   Bern BellowerKnight
   Michael the BlackLaurel
   Raymond the MildLaurel
   Perygen NorthymbrAward of Arms
   Anne of CaerdyddQueen's Order of Grace
   Martin the TemperateMuckin' Great Clubbe
   Bern BellowerOld Battered Helm
   James GreyhelmWooden Spoon

01/04/1975 (Saturday) -- Twelfth Night Coronation
   Anne Dudley de BrandhardPelican
   Barbara FitzHugh de BrandhardPelican
   Dorcas DorcadasPelican
   Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin (aka Dorothea of Paravel)Pelican
   Janay d'AquitaineLaurel
   Alice of BriarbrookLeaf of Merit
   Arthur GlendowerLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms
   Edward of StonehavenLeaf of Merit
   Marie of Glendower (aka Marie Glendower)Leaf of Merit/Award of Arms
   Persephone of WoodlandLeaf of Merit
   Stephen of the LanceLeaf of Merit
   Alia Rae of Crystal GlenAward of Arms
   Amanda of CawdorAward of Arms
   Amynta the InsouciantAward of Arms
   Edward of South-Haven (aka Edward of South-Haven the Ambiguous)Award of Arms
   Galina de KeriAward of Arms
   Iain of CawdorAward of Arms
   Josette de ChanteclerAward of Arms
   Julian of the Purple Must (aka Julian the Purple)Award of Arms
   Kerry RanAuroraAward of Arms
   Megan of ThistledownsAward of Arms
   Mehitabel [of the Mists]Award of Arms
   Robin DevilmarkAward of Arms
   Robin Yrmweis of North Umbria (aka Serpent)Award of Arms
   Carol of BellatrixQueen's Cypher
   Mark von dem FalkensfennQueen's Cypher
   Paul of BellatrixQueen's Cypher
   Siegfried von HoflichskeitQueen's Cypher
   Trude LacklandiaQueen's Cypher

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