Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Douglas & Lorna - From Aug 3, AS IX to Jan 4, AS IX

Last Updated: October 16, AS LII (2017)

Donna of Willowwood (aka Donna of Rollingwood)Countess08/03/1974
William of HoghtonCount08/03/1974
Donna of Willowwood (aka Donna of Rollingwood)Order of the Rose08/03/1974

Amanda of CawdorQueen's Order of Grace08/04/1974
Mark von dem FalkensfennWreath of Valor08/04/1974
Raymond the MildWreath of Chivalry08/04/1974
Steven MacEanruigQueen's Favor08/04/1974

Verena of LaurelinWooden Spoon08/21/1974

Anne of CaerdyddAward of Arms09/07/1974
Duncan of ChisholmAward of Arms09/07/1974
Gilraen of RegenAward of Arms09/07/1974
Stevanna of HoughtonAward of Arms09/07/1974
Truedana of the Bells (aka Trudeanna of the Belfry)Award of Arms09/07/1974
Theodulf of BorogroveQueen's Order of Grace09/07/1974

Audun the Red (aka Audin Ulfsson the Red, Odin Ulfsson)Knight09/08/1974

Bern BellowerKnight09/21/1974
Michael the BlackLaurel09/21/1974
Raymond the MildLaurel09/21/1974
Perygen NorthymbrAward of Arms09/21/1974
Anne of CaerdyddQueen's Order of Grace09/21/1974
Martin the TemperateMuckin' Great Clubbe09/21/1974
Bern BellowerOld Battered Helm09/21/1974
James GreyhelmWooden Spoon09/21/1974

Anne Dudley de BrandhardPelican01/04/1975
Barbara FitzHugh de BrandhardPelican01/04/1975
Dorcas DorcadasPelican01/04/1975
Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin (aka Dorothea of Paravel)Pelican01/04/1975
Janay d'AquitaineLaurel01/04/1975
Alice of BriarbrookLeaf of Merit01/04/1975
Arthur GlendowerLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms01/04/1975
Edward of StonehavenLeaf of Merit01/04/1975
Marie of Glendower (aka Marie Glendower)Leaf of Merit/Award of Arms01/04/1975
Persephone of WoodlandLeaf of Merit01/04/1975
Stephen of the LanceLeaf of Merit01/04/1975
Alia Rae of Crystal GlenAward of Arms01/04/1975
Amanda of CawdorAward of Arms01/04/1975
Amynta the InsouciantAward of Arms01/04/1975
Edward of South-Haven (aka Edward of South-Haven the Ambiguous)Award of Arms01/04/1975
Galina de KeriAward of Arms01/04/1975
Iain of CawdorAward of Arms01/04/1975
Josette de ChanteclerAward of Arms01/04/1975
Julian of the Purple Must (aka Julian the Purple)Award of Arms01/04/1975
Kerry RanAuroraAward of Arms01/04/1975
Megan of ThistledownsAward of Arms01/04/1975
Mehitabel [of the Mists]Award of Arms01/04/1975
Robin DevilmarkAward of Arms01/04/1975
Robin Yrmweis of North Umbria (aka Serpent)Award of Arms01/04/1975
Carol of BellatrixQueen's Cypher01/04/1975
Mark von dem FalkensfennQueen's Cypher01/04/1975
Paul of BellatrixQueen's Cypher01/04/1975
Siegfried von HoflichskeitQueen's Cypher01/04/1975
Trude LacklandiaQueen's Cypher01/04/1975

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