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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

William & Donna - From May 4, AS IX to Aug 3, AS IX

Last Updated: October 16, AS LII (2017)

Andrew of RigaCount05/04/1974
Salome de las PalomasCountess05/04/1974
Salome de las PalomasOrder of the Rose05/04/1974
Leon de AsturiasLeaf of Merit05/04/1974
Olivia of Montemarsh (aka Olivia de Montmarsh)Award of Arms05/04/1974
Orric von der Gelbe Sporn (aka Orric of the Spur, Orric the Moody)Queen's Cypher05/04/1974

Bela of EastmarchBaron05/05/1974
Beverly HodgheadBaron05/05/1974
Ellen Cross QuillsBaroness05/05/1974
Karina of the Far WestBaroness05/05/1974
Celeste [of the Mists]Award of Arms05/05/1974
Crystal of Hightower (aka Crystal)Award of Arms05/05/1974
Pierre Lyon GoulesAward of Arms05/05/1974
Geraldine of Toad HallQueen's Order of Grace05/05/1974
Annette of Faire MonteWooden Spoon05/05/1974
Steven MacEanruigQueen's Favor05/05/1974
Bern BellowerQueen's Guard05/05/1974
Brian Dritar an ConQueen's Guard05/05/1974
Eliazar ben DovidQueen's Guard05/05/1974
Lorin sur la RocheQueen's Guard05/05/1974
Orric von der Gelbe Sporn (aka Orric of the Spur, Orric the Moody)Queen's Guard05/05/1974
Philip DyemokeQueen's Guard05/05/1974
William AllanQueen's Guard05/05/1974

Suzanne of RavenhillLaurel06/22/1974
Alison von MarkheimGrant of Arms06/22/1974
Jessica Llyrindi of NorthmarchGrant of Arms06/22/1974
Piers Howells de CambriaGrant of Arms06/22/1974
Rowen Lynn of Woodvine (aka Rowen-Lynn, Bonnie Bluebells)Grant of Arms06/22/1974
Waldt von MarkheimGrant of Arms06/22/1974
Ximena Aubel de CambriaGrant of Arms06/22/1974
Carol of BellatrixLeaf of Merit06/22/1974
Catriona nicChlurainLeaf of Merit06/22/1974
Gilmirron of the Blue FlameLeaf of Merit06/22/1974
Jon FitzRolf, called the Lean (aka Jon FitzRauf, called the Lean, Jon the Lean)Leaf of Merit06/22/1974
Martin of the Fallen StarLeaf of Merit06/22/1974
Michaela de NeuvilleLeaf of Merit06/22/1974
Morrigan Fitz-Rolf (aka Morrigan Caillte FitzRolf, Morgan FitzRolf)Leaf of Merit06/22/1974
Paul of BellatrixLeaf of Merit06/22/1974
Ranulf of the North CountryLeaf of Merit06/22/1974
Roi des CascadesLeaf of Merit06/22/1974
Sheen of IreLeaf of Merit06/22/1974
Siegfried von HoflichskeitLeaf of Merit06/22/1974
Sumingo of Amaranth (aka Sumengo of Amaranth)Leaf of Merit06/22/1974
TalanqueLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms06/22/1974
Luise of the PhoenixBaroness06/22/1974
Patrice di Coeur Fidel (aka Patrice du Coeur Fidel)Baroness06/22/1974
Alice of BriarbrookAward of Arms06/22/1974
Alys of the Midnight RoseAward of Arms06/22/1974
Audun the Red (aka Audin Ulfsson the Red, Odin Ulfsson)Award of Arms06/22/1974
Cadwalladyr Stone of StonecroftAward of Arms06/22/1974
Celeste Lamuray de ProvenceAward of Arms06/22/1974
Clarissa of Red Crab Manor on the JamesAward of Arms06/22/1974
Daniel the Bard (aka Donal the Bard)Award of Arms06/22/1974
Edward Zifran of Gendy (the Bastard) (aka Edward the Bastard)Award of Arms06/22/1974
Elaine of GadAward of Arms06/22/1974
Elisabeth de la CapucineAward of Arms06/22/1974
Elrond of Gornoth (aka Elrond Blacksabre, Elrond of Gornath)Award of Arms06/22/1974
Fiona O'MorainAward of Arms06/22/1974
Francesca the BemusedAward of Arms06/22/1974
Geoffrey of RamsgateAward of Arms06/22/1974
Gerold Bright Angel (aka Gerald Bright Angel, Jerald Bright Angel)Award of Arms06/22/1974
Jeanne of the OakenshieldAward of Arms06/22/1974
Jeffrey Broken Blade (aka Geoffrey of Broken Blade)Award of Arms06/22/1974
Käthe Willig von Mainz (aka Kathe von Munchausen-Trimara)Award of Arms06/22/1974
Kelson de la CroixAward of Arms06/22/1974
Kriemhild of StonecroftAward of Arms06/22/1974
Rand of DunbarAward of Arms06/22/1974
Richard of HavnAward of Arms06/22/1974
Rodrigo de CerdañaAward of Arms06/22/1974
Rosemary of TalmontAward of Arms06/22/1974
Rosemary the UndecidedAward of Arms06/22/1974
Steingrim Stallari (aka Steingrim Wulfharesson Stallari, Steingrim Wulfharesson)Award of Arms06/22/1974
Theodulf of BorogroveAward of Arms06/22/1974
William of GadAward of Arms06/22/1974
Yolanda del Campo de CerdanaAward of Arms06/22/1974
Jean Teresa Violante of Heather and ArnQueen's Order of Grace06/22/1974
Marynel of DarkhavenQueen's Order of Grace06/22/1974
Bern BellowerMuckin' Great Clubbe06/22/1974
Christopher of HoghtonOld Battered Helm06/22/1974
Geraldine of Toad HallWooden Spoon06/22/1974
Craig of the ChambersQueen's Guard06/22/1974
Giles of LennoxQueen's Guard06/22/1974
Hal RavnQueen's Guard06/22/1974
Mark von dem FalkensfennQueen's Guard06/22/1974
Rand of DunbarQueen's Guard06/22/1974
Ranulf of the North CountryQueen's Guard06/22/1974
Waldt von MarkheimQueen's Guard06/22/1974
Warren the StrangeQueen's Guard06/22/1974

Denis an Seodoir (aka Dennis an Seodoir)Leaf of Merit/Award of Arms07/03/1974

Bevin Fraser of SterlingPelican08/03/1974
Geraldine of Toad HallPelican08/03/1974
Hal RavnPelican08/03/1974
Karina of the Far WestPelican08/03/1974
Stefan de LorrainePelican08/03/1974
Jean Paul MonraithLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms08/03/1974
Josquin du Bois VertLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms08/03/1974
Wilhelm von SchlüsselLeaf of Merit08/03/1974
Ann Parkhurst (Ann Parkhurst of Gatehouse)Baroness08/03/1974
Diana Listmaker (aka Diana of the Lists)Baroness08/03/1974
Harold BreakstoneBaron08/03/1974
Janet BreakstoneBaroness08/03/1974
Jon de ClesBaron08/03/1974
Steven MacEanruigBaron08/03/1974
Aldrick the WoodyAward of Arms08/03/1974
Craig of the ChambersAward of Arms08/03/1974
Geoffrey PendragonAward of Arms08/03/1974
Jean Teresa Violante of Heather and ArnAward of Arms08/03/1974
Joy of the Whispering Mountain (aka Joy of the Mountain Wilderness)Award of Arms08/03/1974
Lorin sur la RocheAward of Arms08/03/1974
Mark von dem FalkensfennAward of Arms08/03/1974
Orric von der Gelbe Sporn (aka Orric of the Spur, Orric the Moody)Award of Arms08/03/1974
Warren the StrangeAward of Arms08/03/1974
William AllanAward of Arms08/03/1974
Diana Listmaker (aka Diana of the Lists)Queen's Order of Grace08/03/1974

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