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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

William & Donna - From May 4, AS IX to Aug 3, AS IX

Last Updated: December 15, AS LII (2017)

05/04/1974 (Saturday) -- Beltane Coronation
   Andrew of RigaCount
   Salome de las PalomasCountess
   Salome de las PalomasOrder of the Rose
   Leon de AsturiasLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms
   Olivia of Montemarsh (aka Olivia de Montmarsh)Award of Arms
   Orric von der Gelbe Sporn (aka Orric of the Spur, Orric the Moody)Queen's Cypher

05/05/1974 (Sunday) -- Beltane Coronation
   Bela of EastmarchBaron
   Beverly HodgheadBaron
   Ellen Cross QuillsBaroness
   Karina of the Far WestBaroness
   Celeste [of the Mists]Award of Arms
   Crystal of Hightower (aka Crystal)Award of Arms
   Pierre Lyon GoulesAward of Arms
   Geraldine of Toad HallQueen's Order of Grace
   Annette of Faire MonteWooden Spoon
   Steven MacEanruigQueen's Favor
   Bern BellowerQueen's Guard
   Brian Dritar an ConQueen's Guard
   Eliazar ben DovidQueen's Guard
   Lorin sur la RocheQueen's Guard
   Orric von der Gelbe Sporn (aka Orric of the Spur, Orric the Moody)Queen's Guard
   Philip DyemokeQueen's Guard
   William AllanQueen's Guard

06/22/1974 (Saturday) -- Midsummer Crown Tournament
   Suzanne of RavenhillLaurel
   Alison von MarkheimGrant of Arms
   Jessica Llyrindi of NorthmarchGrant of Arms
   Piers Howells de CambriaGrant of Arms
   Rowen Lynn of Woodvine (aka Rowen-Lynn, Bonnie Bluebells)Grant of Arms
   Waldt von MarkheimGrant of Arms
   Ximena Aubel de CambriaGrant of Arms
   Carol of BellatrixLeaf of Merit
   Catriona nicChlurainLeaf of Merit
   Gilmirron of the Blue FlameLeaf of Merit
   Jon FitzRolf, called the Lean (aka Jon FitzRauf, called the Lean, Jon the Lean)Leaf of Merit
   Martin of the Fallen StarLeaf of Merit
   Michaela de NeuvilleLeaf of Merit
   Morrigan Fitz-Rolf (aka Morrigan Caillte FitzRolf, Morgan FitzRolf)Leaf of Merit
   Paul of BellatrixLeaf of Merit
   Ranulf of the North CountryLeaf of Merit
   Roi des CascadesLeaf of Merit
   Sheen of IreLeaf of Merit
   Siegfried von HoflichskeitLeaf of Merit
   Sumingo of Amaranth (aka Sumengo of Amaranth)Leaf of Merit
   TalanqueLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms
   Luise of the PhoenixBaroness
   Patrice di Coeur Fidel (aka Patrice du Coeur Fidel)Baroness
   Alice of BriarbrookAward of Arms
   Alys of the Midnight RoseAward of Arms
   Audun the Red (aka Audin Ulfsson the Red, Odin Ulfsson)Award of Arms
   Cadwalladyr Stone of StonecroftAward of Arms
   Celeste Lamuray de ProvenceAward of Arms
   Clarissa of Red Crab Manor on the JamesAward of Arms
   Daniel the Bard (aka Donal the Bard)Award of Arms
   Edward Zifran of Gendy (the Bastard) (aka Edward the Bastard)Award of Arms
   Elaine of GadAward of Arms
   Elisabeth de la CapucineAward of Arms
   Elrond of Gornoth (aka Elrond Blacksabre, Elrond of Gornath)Award of Arms
   Fiona O'MorainAward of Arms
   Francesca the BemusedAward of Arms
   Geoffrey of RamsgateAward of Arms
   Gerold Bright Angel (aka Gerald Bright Angel, Jerald Bright Angel)Award of Arms
   Jeanne of the OakenshieldAward of Arms
   Jeffrey Broken Blade (aka Geoffrey of Broken Blade)Award of Arms
   Käthe Willig von Mainz (aka Kathe von Munchausen-Trimara)Award of Arms
   Kelson de la CroixAward of Arms
   Kriemhild of StonecroftAward of Arms
   Rand of DunbarAward of Arms
   Richard of HavnAward of Arms
   Rodrigo de CerdañaAward of Arms
   Rosemary of TalmontAward of Arms
   Rosemary the UndecidedAward of Arms
   Steingrim Stallari (aka Steingrim Wulfharesson Stallari, Steingrim Wulfharesson)Award of Arms
   Theodulf of BorogroveAward of Arms
   William of GadAward of Arms
   Yolanda del Campo de CerdanaAward of Arms
   Jean Teresa Violante of Heather and ArnQueen's Order of Grace
   Marynel of DarkhavenQueen's Order of Grace
   Bern BellowerMuckin' Great Clubbe
   Christopher of HoghtonOld Battered Helm
   Geraldine of Toad HallWooden Spoon
   Craig of the ChambersQueen's Guard
   Giles of LennoxQueen's Guard
   Hal RavnQueen's Guard
   Mark von dem FalkensfennQueen's Guard
   Rand of DunbarQueen's Guard
   Ranulf of the North CountryQueen's Guard
   Waldt von MarkheimQueen's Guard
   Warren the StrangeQueen's Guard

07/03/1974 (Wednesday) -- (Unknown)
   Denis an Seodoir (aka Dennis an Seodoir)Leaf of Merit/Award of Arms

08/03/1974 (Saturday) -- Purgatorio Coronation
   Bevin Fraser of SterlingPelican
   Geraldine of Toad HallPelican
   Hal RavnPelican
   Karina of the Far WestPelican
   Stefan de LorrainePelican
   Jean Paul MonraithLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms
   Josquin du Bois VertLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms
   Wilhelm von SchlüsselLeaf of Merit
   Ann Parkhurst (Ann Parkhurst of Gatehouse)Baroness
   Diana Listmaker (aka Diana of the Lists)Baroness
   Harold BreakstoneBaron
   Janet BreakstoneBaroness
   Jon de ClesBaron
   Steven MacEanruigBaron
   Aldrick the WoodyAward of Arms
   Craig of the ChambersAward of Arms
   Geoffrey PendragonAward of Arms
   Jean Teresa Violante of Heather and ArnAward of Arms
   Joy of the Whispering Mountain (aka Joy of the Mountain Wilderness)Award of Arms
   Lorin sur la RocheAward of Arms
   Mark von dem FalkensfennAward of Arms
   Orric von der Gelbe Sporn (aka Orric of the Spur, Orric the Moody)Award of Arms
   Warren the StrangeAward of Arms
   William AllanAward of Arms
   Diana Listmaker (aka Diana of the Lists)Queen's Order of Grace

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