Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

James & Verena - From Jan 6, AS VII to May 5, AS VIII

Last Updated: October 16, AS LII (2017)

Carol of BellatrixDuchess01/06/1973
Paul of BellatrixDuke01/06/1973
Stefan de LorraineLaurel01/06/1973
Rachel of the White SwanLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms01/06/1973
Esther ap Cador (aka Esther)Award of Arms01/06/1973

Christina of the Runes (aka Christianna du Nord)Laurel03/24/1973
Pwyll pen TyrhonBaron03/24/1973
Eilonwy de LyurAward of Arms03/24/1973
Joan of Crawfordsmuir (aka Jean of Crawfordsmuir)Award of Arms03/24/1973
Paul McDanielAward of Arms03/24/1973
Garryl Harper Flaming SwordMuckin' Great Clubbe03/24/1973
Aaron the Mighty (aka Aaron of Toad Hall, Aaron the Strong, Aaron of Bufo)Wooden Spoon03/24/1973

Andrew of RigaQueen's Order of Grace03/31/1973

Andrew of RigaKnight05/05/1973
Annette of Faire MonteAward of Arms05/05/1973
Bevin Fraser of SterlingAward of Arms05/05/1973
Debreceni IlonaAward of Arms05/05/1973

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