Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

James & Verena - From Jan 6, AS VII to May 5, AS VIII

Last Updated: December 15, AS LII (2017)

01/06/1973 (Saturday) -- Twelfth Night Coronation
   Carol of BellatrixDuchess
   Paul of BellatrixDuke
   Stefan de LorraineLaurel
   Rachel of the White SwanLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms
   Esther ap Cador (aka Esther)Award of Arms

03/24/1973 (Saturday) -- Spring Crown Tournament
   Christina of the Runes (aka Christianna du Nord)Laurel
   Pwyll pen TyrhonBaron
   Eilonwy de LyurAward of Arms
   Joan of Crawfordsmuir (aka Jean of Crawfordsmuir)Award of Arms
   Paul McDanielAward of Arms
   Garryl Harper Flaming SwordMuckin' Great Clubbe
   Aaron the Mighty (aka Aaron of Toad Hall, Aaron the Strong, Aaron of Bufo)Wooden Spoon

03/31/1973 (Saturday) -- Mists International House Revel
   Andrew of RigaQueen's Order of Grace

05/05/1973 (Saturday) -- Beltane Coronation
   Andrew of RigaKnight
   Annette of Faire MonteAward of Arms
   Bevin Fraser of SterlingAward of Arms
   Debreceni IlonaAward of Arms

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