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Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Paul & Carol - From Jul 29, AS VII to Jan 6, AS VII

Last Updated: October 16, AS LII (2017)

James GreyhelmDuke07/29/1972
Verena of LaurelinDuchess07/29/1972
Janay d'AquitaineAward of Arms07/29/1972
Kathe von LinzAward of Arms07/29/1972
Leodamas of ThebesAward of Arms07/29/1972
William of HoghtonAward of Arms07/29/1972

Henrik of Havn (aka Henrik the Dane)Queen's Favor07/30/1972

Louise of WoodsholmeAward of Arms08/19/1972

William of HoghtonKnight10/22/1972
Bidaan (aka Bergan von Rauch)Award of Arms10/22/1972
Cija of the RosesAward of Arms10/22/1972
Elriin of HrassvelgAward of Arms10/22/1972
Gerard of the RosesAward of Arms10/22/1972
Gernot of GallimaufryAward of Arms10/22/1972
Glynys of ArranAward of Arms10/22/1972
Grane the Golden of Hippogriff TowerAward of Arms10/22/1972
Jacinth of the Lion's Gate (aka Jacynth of the Lion's Gate)Award of Arms10/22/1972
Myles of the ShamrockAward of Arms10/22/1972
Rael Hengaer (aka Gonwynnlynn Hrassvelg)Award of Arms10/22/1972
Ranulf of the North CountryAward of Arms10/22/1972
Gwen [of the Mists]Queen's Order of Grace10/22/1972
Johanna von GriffenhurstQueen's Order of Grace10/22/1972
John of Woodwose HallQueen's Order of Grace10/22/1972
Robert the LutemakerQueen's Order of Grace10/22/1972
Susanne of Woodwose HallQueen's Order of Grace10/22/1972
Ranulf of the North CountryMuckin' Great Clubbe10/22/1972
Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin (aka Dorothea of Paravel)Wooden Spoon10/22/1972

Jerald of GallowayKnight10/29/1972

Rachel Col-de-CygneLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms01/06/1973
Sieglinde von KrauseAward of Arms01/06/1973
William of York (aka William Gordon of York)Award of Arms01/06/1973

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