Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

James & Verena - From Jul 31, AS VI to Jan 8, AS VI

Last Updated: December 15, AS LII (2017)

07/31/1971 (Saturday) -- Autumn Crown Tournament
   Lyndyre of ValrenorQueen's Order of Grace

07/31/1971 (Saturday) -- Purgatorio Coronation
   Hagen the StrongCount
   Ruth [of the West]Countess
   Ruth [of the West]Order of the Rose
   Rima of RockridgeGrant of Arms
   Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin (aka Dorothea of Paravel)Wooden Spoon

10/16/1971 (Saturday) -- Autumn Crown Tournament
   Thomas of the PinesKnight
   Earl of Morris (aka Earl the Fierce)Baron
   Thomas of the PinesMuckin' Great Clubbe
   Alania [of the Mists]Wooden Spoon

01/08/1972 (Saturday) -- Twelfth Night Coronation
   Frederick of HollandLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms
   Nicorlynn of Caer WydyrLeaf of Merit
   Christina of the Runes (aka Christianna du Nord)Award of Arms
   Gormflait Suiban ni CuallachtaAward of Arms
   Gwydion PendderwenAward of Arms
   Nicorlynn of Caer WydyrAward of Arms
   Reyna de San DiegoAward of Arms
   Sara of the RushesAward of Arms

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