Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

James & Verena - From Jul 31, AS VI to Jan 8, AS VI

Last Updated: October 16, AS LII (2017)

Hagen the StrongCount07/31/1971
Ruth [of the West]Countess07/31/1971
Ruth [of the West]Order of the Rose07/31/1971
Rima of RockridgeGrant of Arms07/31/1971
Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin (aka Dorothea of Paravel)Wooden Spoon07/31/1971

Thomas of the PinesKnight10/16/1971
Earl of Morris (aka Earl the Fierce)Baron10/16/1971
Lyndyre of ValrenorQueen's Order of Grace10/16/1971
Thomas of the PinesMuckin' Great Clubbe10/16/1971
Alania [of the Mists]Wooden Spoon10/16/1971

Frederick of HollandLeaf of Merit/Award of Arms01/08/1972
Nicorlynn of Caer WydyrLeaf of Merit01/08/1972
Christina of the Runes (aka Christianna du Nord)Award of Arms01/08/1972
Gormflait Suiban ni CuallachtaAward of Arms01/08/1972
Gwydion PendderwenAward of Arms01/08/1972
Nicorlynn of Caer WydyrAward of Arms01/08/1972
Reyna de San DiegoAward of Arms01/08/1972
Sara of the RushesAward of Arms01/08/1972

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