Awards and Honors

Awards By Reign - West Kingdom

Hagen & Ruth - From May 1, AS VI to Jul 31, AS VI

Last Updated: October 16, AS LII (2017)

Ellen of the Gleaming StarCountess05/01/1971
Jean de la Grand' AnseCount05/01/1971
Ellen of the Gleaming StarOrder of the Rose05/01/1971
James GreyhelmKnight05/01/1971

Rima of RockridgeWooden Spoon05/29/1971

Frederick of HollandMaster-of-Arms06/19/1971
Kevin PeregrynneKnight06/19/1971
Paul of BellatrixKnight06/19/1971
Andrei de SevastopolAward of Arms06/19/1971
Elizabeth Bellclerke (aka Elizabeth Belleclerke)Award of Arms06/19/1971
Paul of BellatrixMuckin' Great Clubbe06/19/1971
Sharon the MeekWooden Spoon06/19/1971

Crystal of Hightower (aka Crystal)Queen's Order of Grace07/01/1971
ShimaQueen's Order of Grace07/01/1971

Nicorlynn of Caer WydyrAward of Arms07/31/1971
Tarysa of RivendellAward of Arms07/31/1971

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